“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ted Nugent Continues To Be A Valuable Diversion In American Politics


Tried to google 'America evil and dangerous' and all that came up is stupid Nugent articles, becuz though Americans bitch and moan, no one has tje balls to come out and state the truth. Instead I've experienced Americans taking sides in the two party/ideology struggle here, as this is safer so no one has to dis their country directly.

Yes Barry sucks. However at least life is somewhat manageable compared to the constant torture of the Bush administration.
You wont commit suicide physically but they do want u to commit suicide mentally and emotionally and take on a fake 'feel good' spirituality in a society that does resemble Communism.

You know whats really evil?

Ditching your wife so she hangs out with sleazebag heroin addled Aerosmith roadies constantly while u r away on tour so she's guaranteed to become really f*cked up so u can win your custody battles!!!

Thats Ted-nacity!!

And I can tell you from experience that Aeroscum's people think they can and shud destroy any female who is a 'problem' for anyone they associate with.

How long has Nugent been an operative? Hes doing a hell of a job being an idiot and spreading diversionary disinfo by taking just one side whilst he must know by now the entire system in this country is f*cked.

It was so nice to see there are still powers far greater than their rich kid brats who work for the system. There's still a military that isnt ruled by the complex and there's still a code of honor somewhere.

These shits in the music biz take part in handling mind control slaves constantly for the system, which I wouldn't mind so much if it wasnt for their utterly intolerable malecentric bullshit.

So what do u do when a female doesnt acknowledge nor fear male authority or intimidation?

You think if u brainwash her long enough the problem will be solved?

Dont listen to this pussy obsessed circus clown nor any entertainment people when it comes to anything political unless you want to know what the deceptions are.

Its been said by retired CIA that anyone of any value in entertainment is 'owned by the CIA'.

Stop watching Hollywood anything and turn to alternative forms of entertainment. Unless of course u r a typical American idiot who loves to shoot drama and cheap conflict up your arm instead of actually experiencing artworks...which is a great percentage of the USA now.