“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

African American COINTELPRO Type Activity Escalating In Berkeley

Its been getting rough in Berkeley. Alot of Travelers and.street people have gone north or to Rainbow regional gatherings.

So less of my kind or tribe in the area plus theres a rise in the number of ghetto trash.

Now this area is the home of the Black Panther movement and COINTELPRO.

Nowadays the biggest house slaves for the CIA and other drug running agencies are gangs. It was long time a conspiracy theory but in recent history considered documented historical.fact.that LA gangs were connected to.crack cocaine via the whole.Iran Contra cocaine scandal.

Of course this connects to the hip hop record industry -the commercially successful end.of.course. Most African Americans dont know or refuse to believe or go along, even though ALTERNATIVE RAP MUSIC artists regularly out major artists as agents etc for the system.

The blacks I encounter coming into Berkeley from other areas on weekends (Telegraph) or now weekday evenings (Shattuck) are PURPOSELY LOOKING FOR TROUBLE AND ANY OPPORTUNITY TO START IT with Berkely locals and especially prefer easy targets so they perceive like Travelers.and street kids.

Many seem to be the products of an overly Liberal, PC environment unlike Boston, in this.area there.are no competing EuroAmerican ethnic ghettos.

They actually believe.that whites will.be afraid of them, give them unearned respect thy dont deserve on site.and put up with lame attempts at intimidation, all.of which seems.geared.towards simply making them feel better about themselves.
Trying to be cool, hip hop and mildly gangsta but more hoodish seems the goal here as opposed to committing any real crime.

They like to mess with people. (Who the fuck asks.if a cell phone charging in a plug on a building on Shattuck is your's or not to decide to try to steal it? In..Boston they just grab shit ans run)

These jerk off kids seem to be pretty well dressed so they arent really hoods.

These types were not around when we arrived a few weeks ago-it was peaceable.

Taking all of whats in Oakland and Berkeley into consideration and knowing the role of gangs and COINTEPRO type operations it can be safely assumed that much of the nonsense is being done by blacks who work for the system, their jobs being very much like the old COINTELPRO agents.
We've all seen GS perps use their children in harassment and stalking, where do yoi think COINTELPRO's children went on too? Such people dont just move on to normal society as these 'agents' are brainwashed in order for them to be useful to such covert ops to begin with.

Much of this is diversion, time wasting and causing anxiety to further damage to my physical health and destroy memory but its also to FURTHER DISCREDIT ME AS A RACIST.

My position on racial issues in the USA are complex but fair and compassionate. BOTTOM LINE :IF I APPEAR RACIST THE ORGANIZED STALKING AND HARASSMENT SYSTEM HAS CAUSED ME TO BE THIS WAY mostly out of self.defense.

Its not my problem that the powers that be in this country keep blacka down until all they can do is continue their role as house slaves. They have conrinued to break them down and guide their growth as free citizens in this country to ensure large numbers of them serve their agenda, either knowingly or through ignorance. That agenda certainly includes destroying dissidents as well as oppressing the volk or poor EuroAmericans. Nowadays thats through cultural influence and its always been through contact with their ghetto environment.

Rap music was different when it first came out. Alt rap is still true to that. But if u r supporting gangs and negativity and slavery, crime, the prison system, violence and dealing 'Tje Man's' drugs YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE ELITE AND THEIR NWO AGENDA that is nothing short of oppression of humanity world wide.

If this were not the case then why utilize torture, weapons of war, mass mind control and other parts of the deception? True peace and prosperity aren't gained this way.

Humans being greedy and satisfying THEIR NEEDS AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS is what this is.

Which means then I and others like me must counter these acts of aggression as no one is going to take from me for themselves.

Its a high probability that many African Americans who wander in from out of town into peaceful Berkeley causing bullshit are simply house slaves of the system, continuing to serve some well paying entity who's agenda is oppression and destruction of dissidents.

Their only hope is that most of the population wont see or believe and Targets will simply be perceived as racists, malcontents, cranks or worse: reactionary extremist terrorists in the making.

I continue to utilize various weapons, tactics and continuing to be friendly to decent blacks even in the midst of the shitheads being in the area at any given moment.

Becuz I am noble as f*ck, awsome ...and I f*ckin rule. Lest not forget that, shall we?