“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ocean Beach Very Difficult Area To Stay In/SoCal And Truman Show Effect

The reason i dislike Southern California is becuz there's alot of Truman Show Effect in this location. And consistent daily illusions that famous celebrities are either interacting psychically with the Target or the TI somehow gets the repeated impression specific celebrities are routing for them, feel bad for them.or are helping them somehow.---------

 Interestingly there's no such interface or contact from other sorts of VIPs such as political figures or titled people.or the very wealthy or powerful -just famous people. No support from normal people etc-just entertainment celebrities usually actors and music people.---------

I left the area due to this effect being so oppressive in the San Diego area.-------

I went up to Bakersfield CA and there was no such effect. In fact Bakersfield is a conservative town and the first thingI noticed were how many sherriff cars there were and different kinds of law enforcement.---------

 I got more done here to regroup and create a plan of action in a few days than I ever could have in weeks od being in SoCal from L.A. southward.--------

For all the cops and First Responder scum who are in on GS around the country it seems that legit law enforcement actually support fighting this system.--------

 Its a struggle to b here in Ocean Beach. Firstly theres something about this part of San Diego thats very physically unhealthy and I dont know what it is. It might b left over from the days when this was a meth ridden biker hellhole but who knows. Its deceptively hippyish-lets remember just how much military there is in Cal.

Let me give u an example of how ridiculous the ideations are here.

 Upon arrival into the L.A. area I got the ideation that Sharon Osbourne wanted me to finally get my life together if I visit here this time.

Tonight I got thw ideation that Dolly Parton could relate tme and sympathized.

 Today I had the impression that the singer of Metallica felt bad for me as.I was tired sleeping on the beach today. That blonde guy who plays guitar.

The list goes on daily...its soooooo annoying becuz I know its total bullsh*t. Moreso thats obvious becuz this consistent intermittent interface only occurs IN SoCal. Bakersfield had no such effect.

I have a few important appointments here then i wanna leave. I must say I a getting more important things done here and now however but the mental and physical toll is high.