“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Kids Are People Too School In Kenmore Are Not Only Reverse Racist Gang Stalker Scum They Are Also Cause Stalking Church Freaks

Someone told me that that school Kids Are People Too in Kenmore has church people in it that manipulated them into going into this church in Medford. (Medford, where I get harassed mercelessly by in person gang stalkers and where the manager of UHaul, Jerry Oulette took awa my friend's after hour privileges supposedly becuz i washed out an article of clothing in the bathroom months ago, which he told my friends dad who pays for the storage but refused to tell us.

In reality i had forgotten that Medford is where my former friend/career criminal in the sex industry was telling me for years NOT TO SEND ANY GIRLS THERE and it never made sense why. Then a working girl was murdered there. As usual it seems that my 'friend' had special and prior knowledge in order to avoid difficulties. So this explains why Medford is so unhappy about me setting foot in that area most likely and why that tool at UHaul had to make me look bad to my friend's dad...whos also a bit creepy also.)

Anyway, this guy was spare changing outside the McDonald's in Kenmore just as many of us do. This black lady (the whole school revolves around an Afican American focus. Lincoln is just one 'hero' figured prominently on their windows. As we shall now see they are obviously connected to Cause Stalkers from a church group which explains Mother Teresa being the other figure displayed next to Lincoln.)

She came out and he was upset with his head hanging. She said his name three times (magical three-the Trinity etc) and then he pulled his head up to see her crying which in his perception was this magical moment.  She then of course got him to start going to church in Medford.

I told him how viscous and nasty the people from that disabled kids school have been to me especially during Bush and early Obama. If they give me any crap now or try to manipulate I use racism as a way of hammering them down to make them realize I take no advice or power games from blacks seriously. IF U R MEAN AND VISCOUS TO PEOPLE U WILL GET THE SAME IN RETURN.

He said that the school was always nice to him and everyone there as well as the church loves him.

Thats becuz he's a piece of White trash with average intelligence who's from this very religious area and has never travelled and they know hes going to be easy to manipulate into religion as an answer to his problems and to fix his situation.

Religious groups specitically Christians are often used in covert activities in my experience. Christian content has been a large part of FFCH's group (a TI advocacy group who's shown signs of being infiltrated and run by black intel operatives akin to COINTELPRO.) for years and since gang stalking is a legal and political issue it has no place in an advocacy group.

Some of the people claiming to be Christians in that group are also the people who threaten to do violent acts as a solution to being targeted. Dont trust it. Lots of talk about guns like Alex Jones. Hmph.

I know from experience two groups that are very active in gang stalking:African Americans and Christians.

Both very easily enslaved, kept under control and cult mind controlled or 'brainwashed' historically.  Very dangerous to anyone independent thinking, truly dissident or targeted.

Its probably that these kinds of outfits know I am not going to be easily controlled by such methods or manipulated during a state of vulnerability so its just easier to reject me, be cruel and harass me into being discredited and probably drive me into racism as a form of self defense. As far as African Americans are concerned you are either with them or against them.

Which i dont have time for becuz i am dealing with something of much greater importance than their ongoing situation. In fact as a citizen coming from Third Wave immigrants in the late 1800's, its really not a major issue for me to begin with. Being from Boston area I'd say reverse-racism is a concern more than anything.

Christians as well as the black populations of the USA must always be held in high suspicion due to their histories of corruption, lying, crime but most of all seeking to further their own interests by working for the crooked agenda of the United States-house slaves.  African Americans have been involved in spying for the Man for centuries in the US as well as guarding his property and catching/handling his unruly or runaway 'slaves'.

Any religious group can't be trusted in this becuz they arent focused mainly on the situation being one of a legal and political nature. Ive experienced people in Christian groups in on this to a large extent. Prob either front groyps for intel using cult methods or into the NWO Zionist end of it or just religious right wing idiots.