“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stranded For A Few Days Bible Belt

Stranded in shelter for a few days.  I think one of the blacks who works here it seems is already getting piois about the situation. 

I already heard what I think was something about selling one's body then something about if u stay outside or in the snow long enough, then "you stop strayin" or some such Christian bs. These people are either dumb enough to believe cover stories or they use such self righteous, pious bullshit to cover up for black ops, black projects, covert activity etc.

Either way I now try to stay in areas where people are...lets say 'racially aware' or conscious of possible dynamics that could form in our modern western environment the way society is now from having certain kinds of people out of control or favored/coddled by the Liberal elite in an area. They are very dangerous house slaves and will do anything to anyone to get their place in the NWO secured.

I've learned that its just not practical to travel through certain areas.

Lets see what these people try to pull in three days. Unfortunately many areas of the US still insist on leaving resources that deal with poverty in the care of African Americans whom I have experieced as racist, corrupt, lying and dont follow rules that dont suit them.

And I as well as numerous other EuroAmericans and others are totally sick of it. People think they can trust them becuz they are oppressed or discriminated against.

Wouldnt that make a group of people who are MORE desperate and vulnerable to being manipulated by wealth and power? Duh. And thats exactly what the reality is. Its not the 60s or 70s anymore...wake up.

At times they can actually be more useful or trustworthy than other peoples but it depends on the circumstances. If u want to survive gang stalking you have to be realistic.

There was mold in a house I was staying in here and it made me sick enough to leave finally. Sad really. This is why I dont go inside. Anywhere except the southwest is too humid, moldy and polluted.