“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Only A Bit Of Adversity This Location And Time

At shelter for one more night. Certainly felt targeted by something before dinner tonight. Also there was an unusual scenerio of all black guys grouping on the left and white obnoxious dudes on the right of chapel, who were all facing the crowd sitting in the pews waiting to go in to eat. They made it like it was a prison yard scene like there was gonna b a fight.

One particularly dumb little shit, a white young punk in...u guessed it -black white and red, gave away the whole thing by calling one of his buddies Mr Chowder and then making fun of the way Bostonians say "chowder" by saying "chowdah".

Ive encountered flirtation and obnoxious forward behavior by a few black males and ignored them completey. It seems the males are the ones in on this ad thats predominantly who is responsible in my experience of dealing with GS 'house slaves'. Lol.

The women have been nothing but polite and pleasant and a good majority of black males have been respectful and polite.

Yet recall that instance yesterday-obviously this place os not free of some harassment.

Another young white jerk off yesterday stood behind me in food line and tried to gain my attention by saying  he was raised on pasta becuz he was raised by Sicilians.  It was really dumb and of course got ignored.

The trouble with the black males who are obnoxious here is that they speak aloud whst they are thinking or gossiping about a person or female, then are dumb enuf to expect their next axtion to be interpreted as innocent socialization.

I loathe arrogant black males and expect at least a portion of every African Whatever population, anywhere on the globe to have at least a percetage of this stereotype.

At least here, theres some controls on just how bad they can act out or power trip compared to areas where they are OUT OF CONTROL or coddled by Liberal Elitist white scum.

Needless to say, i now feel free of whatever influence i experienced with that crowd present before dinner.