“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Cant I Leave MA And Stay Away ? Mind Control

I don't know why I keep coming back here. It's like I'm brainwashed to do so.

Only time I feel normal in this place or can't get anything done Is after 12 midnight in the middle of the night Possibly Sunday Holidays And after a very heavy rain storm.

And everything gets much easier when you get away from the MBTA bus and train lines. Specially the train lines.

That tells me is there some sort of management of people going on Its covert an unseen It makes sure it handles anywhere Where there's neither poor people Or students.

I can't get away from this place And after it rains like this  I realize and I say to myself what the fuck am I still doing here? I think the reason that I end up having to come back here all the time and then I am kept here against my will is so that the behavior modification can be completed or at least furthered.

because the only time I'm able to actually think about leaving Wwe I could actually executed and do it is on a Sunday specifically holidays and like this after a rainstorm .

I just join the YMCA so I can take a shower anytime I want and have a locker. tell me what the fuck am I doing drinking something in paying every month when I'm supposed to be leaving? my plan was to try to find something outside of the city area to stay so I can actually come in and get my healthcare taken care of and then leave, without having to stay within the city limits why I know it's extremely unhealthy.

but no I always end up forgetting somehow that I shouldn't be leaving here now shouldn't be in Harvard this is like the cave of the enemy if you will like the enemies territory is the worst place I could be living what I'm always drawn back here I always end up staying here and while I'm staying here I always end up getting sick fat and can't get anything done at all.

so tell me that mind control is involved to chemicals psychological operations and the use of the technologies that are listed in the Mind War paper.

America is sick to begin with but Boston and Cambridge in especially Massachusetts is extremely sick.

anyone who was targeted to these people simply appears to be 1 of the many mentally ill you supposed to just ignore.

It means that Harvard MIT all these colleges all these hospitals and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can do all the  human experimentation they want to people and all these people who  should care aren't going to. is there trains to believe that everyone he's homeless and looks like you're having problems is merely mentally ill.