“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cover Stories Still Being Spread By Locals, GS System Monitors Target's Bank Accounts

Edit tomorrow used voice instead of type.I'm really sick of people saying that I'm a rat. During Bush I was being pushed and mindf*cked into going to the FBI and blabbing but I didn't. Recently there are forces that are making it so that I should do that even now. Why I should run off to the fucking feds and telling what little I know and try to get people busted-put away for life as I was told that I could potentially have done during the Federal Investigation in Boston during Bush. I'm also being coerced constantly to get on the internet and write everything and publish it.I don't think that's a very good idea.(If the authorities want to play games like pull off 9-11 and protect select career criminals as well as abuse authority and implement mass mind control and abuse anti terror to cover up black/classified projects then why would they deserve ANY respect at all from the people? But the number one reason I didnt and never will is becuz instead of issuing me a subpoena like they are supposed to they played games like Jack asses so dont deserve sh*t. I had people around me telling me i didnt know anything and then ive got people all the way in Freemont CA accusing me of being there becuz i was running from the FBI. Since when does the FBI play the bullshit mind games I saw around Boston and the rest of the country? Since when does the FBI have use of these weapons and technologies? Since when does the FBI have a group of arrogant young people on a bus asking me what I think of George Bush as part of the 'investigation'?They think they got away with all this but they havent yet begun to pay. And pay they will.) Still even people going to Harvard like make fun of me and call me a rat. Actually, that just happened 5 minutes ago. Some little white chick with another white girl and a black dude , all rich kids, walked by and 1 of the white girls told the other 2 to "watch out for the rats."
Of course the black dude had to get off on the power trip overtly instead of being stealth like the whites.

so as I walked away I said " Watch out for the n*ggers actually ".

There's no fucking way I'm going to let any black person get away with social climbing into society by using me as a fucking stepping stone, that will be the f*cking day.

Here in the Northeast white people only think about class not race and they will stab another white person in the back if they are of a different class and side with blacks if they are their class or their house slaves.

There's no way that I should be hanging around Harvard at all but somehow I always end up back here in this area and I always come back and try to get things settled like find lawyers or go to doctors and it never works.

In fact I had all my doctor's appointments lined up for Sept and because of being torturednand tormented and hit with whatever the fuck it is I got weirded out and canceled all of them.

Now I have to reschedule which means I spend more time here than I probably was going to spend like I have to get things done next month instead of this month.

I usually leave here to go travel about middle of October. There's no way that I should be here past October 15th.

But magically now I'm going to have to be here past that.Also I should really be sleeping anywhere but Harvard Square or Cambridge because obviously the place makes me sick and on top of that I can't really get anything done anyway obviously .

so whats my other choice?

2 leave without getting any health care at all or taking advantage of my insurance in the State of Massachusetts.

The people here also are extremely ignorant about me being able to move to another state. An employee who works at my old storage place Castle Storage in South Boston we're all in on the gang stalking campaign, and the guy that worked there Frank always asked ignorant questions like "Why did you come back to Boston anyway Rachael?" just typical of the people surrounding the campaign locally. They've always seemed to be under the impression the harassment campaign is only local. Yet they acknowledging that I'm being harassed in my own home town so I can't live here they think it's okay because they don't seem to understand that I can't go anywhere without being harassed nation wide.

so targeted individual gets mobbed basically by a bunch of people taking actions into their own hands, vigilantly actions basically, without really understanding the entire situation.

When someone asks me why did I come back to oBoston anyway it's really unfair question and it's part of the intimidation really because I can't really answer them truthfully becuz Ive been conditioned by the gang stalking itself to believe telling the truth will makes me sound crazy. Yet the person asking the question is acknowledging there is a harassment campaign.

this is a very clever way of keeping the public in ignorance and working for the system who damn well knows the full extent that the target is being destroyed and harassed, but since the target can't say anything because theyve been trained to think that people will think they r mentally ill, and especially if target is survivor will then stay in that alter personality who pretends to not know anything about being targeted individual.

this way the larger system can have control of both target and the ignorant public.

I wouldnt even be able to write this or express what I'm expressing right now had there not been a major thunderstorm just a few hours ago, which of course is 1 of the varibles or conditions that breaks through the mind control of this system in this area.

personally I don't want to stay in this location well for my going to get healthcare for health issues now has become very serious.

I know what they're doing they're trying to keep me here as long as possible to help for the destroy my health as well as for their behavior modification program this point is nothing more than a major lobotomy.

I'm still going to save up to leave the country trying to interfere with also.

do you realize it didn't this particular area of Massachusetts Cambridge and Boston we are found this to be in Cambridge monitor how much money at least targeted individuals like myself have in my bank account it seems it's done hooked up to places like star market always in on the gang stalking specifically through the security system in there store.

Ive posted that before.

why do you think they wanted everybody on Social Security to go paperless and get a card ? elektronik we keep an eye on not only your location purchases and how much you have left in your account.

because I had money saved another card 1 of those reload debit card you get in the stores when I used to purchase something at Star market I got this really strong interface, this impression that someone watching and monitoring, it was very sneaky and tell her that I had his money in a different place so that I had money in my account what it looks like I didn't have any money on my main debit card.

that's because of course you get targeted here according to how much money you have in your accounts. I also posted that a few summers ago.

the mind control here is so overwhelming and so viscous did you think I have the sense to stay away from this location.

this is why I want to leave the country is no matter where I go in the United States matter what location I'm in I get targeted and this location though it seems like the safest and most liberal probably the most damaging physically and mentally.

just use it is determined to destroy me make me behave even though they are the ones that are wrong to begin with and they know it.

why would I want to live somewhere where is obvious you are considered an asshole you don't have any money?