“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Theres Been Alot Of Forced Making Peace Lately

Whenever i get somewhere that is out of cell range I notice that the content lately consists of making me feel like my blog isnt important, pushing the idea that no one is going to believe me,  a constant forced sense of peace making as in no anger or resentment about what had happened to destroy my life, when i think about going to at least see about lawyers, there's an immediate block due to reasons like no one is going to help me, how can i choose from so many people to know who to trust, that the statute of limitations probably ran out on stuff I  IS believable i cud sue for. And a very strong campaign to take away my strong sense of individal power and caring alot aboit what othrs think.

Theres been alot less tactics and perps doing aggressive stuff and alot more head hanging and seeming to make fun of me.

Which of course will fuel the state of mind of caring what others think.

Before all i cared about was writing my book. It seems the system wants me to care about my future...but that IS my future.

They want mw to believe wroting a book is a useless unfullfilling action.

Its simple enough: if no lawyers will help i leave the country next election. Its that simple and if Romney gets in I leave anyway.

These ideas and brain wash are exclusive to around Harvard Sq. Not so much so in Central where of course I get gang stalked more becuz the tech is somehow less effective. This phase seems very intent on sapping my anger about what happened and my intensity, my belief in myself and what i am doing. That no one cares and no one reads my blog, which perps tried in person before but I never bought into it. They also seem intent on taking my anger and making sure I dont use it contructively any longer but have it effect my behvior publicly. Thus trying to take away my centeredness and focus.