“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Public Arent Complaining About What's REALLY Wrong With The MBTA

The MBTA might be using a policy of harassing anyone who draws attention to the flaws in their janitorial services, which they have a history of difficulty with. From a discrimination lawsuit in 96 for a man being too ethnic to be hired to Empire cleaning employees complaining they fear for their lives and health due to the T demanding dangerous workplace practices and environment.

There is an employee in the camera monitor station playing games with his authority there in relation to a potential complaint about the dangers of having non English speakers as janitors at the MBTA.

If this is not officially his juristiction then why does he persist in psychological warfare with potential complaintant?

Becuz his job may well be to contain or bait any possible complaints about T policies..

I will post full story later.

But take note one thing I have seen thoughout this ordeal over a decade is that when PEOPLE FEEL POWERLESS TO CONTROL REAL CORRUPTION DUE TO ABUSE OF AUTHORITY they then turn to diversions, scape goating, witch hunts and whining. Then of course the Metro (Really Bostonians? REALLY? Why would one of the smartest cities in America read that sh*t rag? Welcome to the great dumbdown.) actually publishes something basically criticizing the public for complaining!!

Wake up. Take control back or live like manipulated slaves. You may be content with that but some of us aren't.

And stop reading propaganda bullshit just becuz someone hands it to u free in the morning. Laziness is what will get u snagged into a net first and foremost.