“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicopee Massachusetts

Cops pleasant enuf but riding our asses due to uptight yuppie citizen compliants.

we just walked through their State Conservation area becuz we cant walk on interstate highways in MA. In New Mexico or Oregon they dont give a shit or its legal. But MA you'll get pulled off right away. we came out of the park (lovely walk) into some small suburban nightmare. It made me suicidal and lonely- all that fake lifestyle. The perfect little blonde child stuck in a house with just her parents- a small house on a street surrounded by other small houses. I dont understand how people live this way.

the police were fairly tolerant at truck stop highway area but then when we came out of the Conservation area the residents freaked and a cop said they got numerous calls. It is one of the only towns I sympathize with the cops becuz the residents are so damn ignorant.

The next cop in the shopping center with more workmen was a bit snooty but so were the workmen there also working on the power lines. Generally in this area of Chicopee I found that the 'regular guys' were giving Travelers dirty looks and being generally put off by us.

you asshole the Massachusetts in these little towns the most paranoid up tight people I have ever seen in the United States.
and I travel the country regularly every year.
get your head out of your fucking asses and stop thinking about you so fucking entitled up here.

Your neighborhood isnt rich enough for anybody to give a shit about and al queda isn't going to March down your street anytime soon.

stop harassing travelers and grow the fuck up. go shooting C N N up your damn arms you fucking news addicted drama queens.

and maybe you should get out of your little town more often and see what real life is about.

by the way the lady at the truck stop came up to my friend and told him that it was her property. she's an idiot and for the most part you people are all idiots.

you do have a nice local park but of course you have no problem ruining the forest and order to put in more electrical lines stupid pathetic yuppie the realities.