“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stop fuckingnwith me at my storsge and southbay mall

If u keep screwing with me at south bay target store with boston police, security guards in truck outside store and your little dorchester house slaves wannabe gangstas i will blow the whistle so hard on the dirt in this city. And perhaps u will be missng those payoffs of xmas cards and your little cab driver friends too at redcab becuz if this keeps up i will hunt that fat bitch down and u will be missing wlot of income after that. Her drunk husband too. Maybe even his sister who probably isnstill such a drunk that she works at haymarket salty dog. Whst ahout jeff her scumbag chef boyfriend that fat bitches inlaws? He probably owns a successful restarant by now. And john that fat scum fuck frm southie who keeps trying to freak me out all the time by showing up when i wm here to go to my storage. Then that dorchester scumbag taxi compqny will be missing two drivers not one. Hes disgustng and shoukd be gone anyway. U r all disgusting. I igjore everyone i used to know. I suggest u do the same. Keep those god damn coons away from me or i will make the etire city pay. The feds might stil be very interested and there r those who cant b bought. Boston has enemies. I will make them my friends. Stay th fuck away frm me around MY storage neighborhood or u will live to regret it. Ive been patient and fair to this point. I can however be extremey nasylty. Dont get confused and think u matter. As far as i am concerned the boston bs cover story crap level of things is just diversion frm the important issues thus i have ignored everyone thus far simply because you don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Do not make me start focusng on local bs. Itnwill be the lastntime u play with me.
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