“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, June 4, 2012

Its Mind Blowing Realizing I Am Really Going To Get Sick And Die

Now.i.understand all the handlibg smiles and trying to keep me on the run as i was told. It was so everyone could keep me going and keep me from staying in one place long enough to get health care knowing my liver would worsen eventually.

I cannot believe it was so easy. And everyone is so devious. I'm also having trouble accepting that I am so.sick so soon. That my liver is probably going to worsen and i am going to get very sick and die in a short time.

I hope i have years but what if its months. This has come on so quickly. Within the last year.

It started to.worsen right after Japan had that Tsunami and the nuclear accident. I was here on the east coast. I was real sick for one week after it happened and then
I was better but felt something heavy hanging over the environment here and its still here and its worsened my.condition. I won.t leave. This is my home. I also want to see if anything can be done legally.

Ite still mind blowing that this entire campaign was to just slowly kill me. One knows it intellectually but its not reality until you get really sick. Theres nothing TIs can do anyway.

So many citizens are in on this. Perhoas humanity does deserve to be enslaved. They seem to prefer it.