“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Truth Would Be Nice...And Perhaps A Cure

A high percentage of them are rude disruptive arrogant and aggressive.even when.they have money.

Class doesn't seem to.matter (as in ecoonomic means). It seems to depend on the nature of the African American(s) themselves. Perhaps its a DNA issue. Its.surely the way.they are raised and what their environment is like, again wealth not having influence on that.

Like what.kind of DNA they inherited from slavery or the exact part of western Africa their ancestors were from.

The ones that do act out have a presence that equates what is commonly known as evil. Pure and simple.

Dark hearted.

By nature just...bad.  Inhuman.

Theres only a.limited area in Africa where the ancestors of African Americans who's ancestors were slaves come from.

Maps.are easily available.

Afro Centrists in a misguided effort to empower African Americans make a bogus claim that northern Africans specifically north East Africans are directly related to African Americans or that they are descended from them.

There.is much evidence against this which I won't get.into here but the ancient Egyptian resembled other peoples also in the surrounding regions. Northern Africa, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Arabia, Spain. The Mediterranean.

African Americans are upset becuz racist whites point out that no technological advances had been.made in the area where they descend from. So they fall for.this bait, get defensive and try to associate themsves with an entire continent. And also point out the Native Americans also didn't have such advances but that no one points this out etc.

Firstly their referring to themselves as African Americans would be like me trying to call myself a European American which I might start doing just to make a point.  True I know where my ancestors are from. And I do.believe.that the US government should provide every single American of multi generational lineage a comprehensive DNA test and make a national project to.see who is related and where each come from in Africa.

It would provide them.with some identity aside from theiving the Egyptians heritage.

All they are doing.is being reactionists which I cannot BELIEVE they still allowed themselves to be controlled in this manner.

They are heavily influenced by foriegn Middle Eastern Abrahamic religions instead of anything from their ancestral homelands. And unlike EuroAmericans.they haven't experienced the Middle Ages when the Inquisition enslaved Europeans by the typical means of slavery-psychological warfare, torture, intimidation and imprisonment, death.

They church is something positive and bonding.for.them.to counter outside influences.

Many whites secretly resent the church and.its continued influence over our lives and civilization at large, still recalling somewhere within us the original war on our culture and beliefs.

African Americans most likely seek to counter European civilizations like the Vikings, Rome etc and all of.their accomplishments by laying claim to nearby Egypt.

The reason people don't point out Native Americans were lacking in technological development is because they know damned well that Natives were basically genocides and we all live on.stolen.land and that the news doesn't tell you that big companies.and private special interests continue to try to get Native peoples.off.their lands all.throughout the Americas for.the natural resources they contain.

In order to not rock the boat whites won't say much about this issue. Also even when Natives act out as aggressively say when drunk, they are still have claim to this land and everyone knows the whole.thing.is wrong. Whites and blacks are both foriegners basically so the battles just are not the same.

Not every white is going.to feel guilty becuz their ancestors may not have been involved in slavery so they feel in competition.with blacks for resources etc.

And if you are falling for racist ploys like being negative about African cultures you are being weak minded anyway. Its bait. Its a ploy to get you to.feel inferior.

So instead of deafening yourself with the truth about whats strong in western Africa and whats accomplished there you reach for deceptions.or.fantasies?

And you wonder why the unfairness and racism and persecution doesn't end?

I am becoming.very zero tolerance.for whacked.out black.culture's bullshit.

The insanity is understandable but perpetuating.it by allowing the system to.keep.you in a slave mentality is inexcusable.

They get.to act out yet they can cry for.anything.they want.

And I've seen the absolute worst of it believe me.

And.from.what.I have experienced African Americans must.have.inherited some nasty DNA from the most sadistic slave masters in the USA becuz the ones that do gang stalking are.just rotten to the core.

The problem with America now is that its TOTALLY FULL OF.SHIT and even.has psuedo sciences like psychiatry legitimizing.its flasehoods and.schemes. Even academics are decievers due to not wanting to upset the agenda...and out.of their own taste.for preffering to be story tellers instead of learned.men. So the good ones, the decent ones, the nice ones have to suffer becuz 'African Americans' are defined collectively. Yet I.note that they make fun of and resent the 'you people' sentiment. Ok.so you don't like people refering to you as 'you people' yet you want to be defined as people collectively. I think revenge on Whitey is gotten by implementing.maddening and impossible double think and double standards in order to psychologically enslave other peoples. Of course the people who got rich off of slsvsry are the people least having to deal with the endless.fallout from such crimes against humanity. And the victims themselves are careless in just where the consequences end up.