“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Premonition Of Another Frame Up?

I just.got.a.weird idea that someone I know is going to try (again) to.attempt to.set.me.up for drugs or something incriminating but this time make.it work.

And.that.it.still connects to Jake my ex....wtf?

It wouldn't be hard. The people I meet are.usually in trouble and.some are addicts.

It doesn't.bother me.becuz to me they are just street people. If corrupt authority wants to.point out how unsavory in character my casual associates are here then.first they need.to.be squeaky clean.themselves.

Lets see...I was stalked and harassed by cops in uniform nationwide. I was never given a subpeona. I was treated unlawfully and unethically and denied my human and.civil.rights even under INTERNATIONAL.LAW by professionals across the board.

I.am.very sorry if u want me silenced or if feds want informants.

I won't soon forget being coerced in Mesa AZ with the statement "I can make it stop Rachael" by a perp and then being offered a job.

Go ahead try to set me up again.

I.think they feel.if enough time passes and I appear more and more bitter and like human trash that people won't sympathize anymore and.just forget about me and it will be.easier to lock me away.

U can lock me away...then what? Have me gang stalked intensely in prison? I have 'friends' out here and.I will have.them in.there.

I.also.have a single mindedness about what I am doing and since.its internal where u keep my physically matters none.

This all came about by stopping at Maverick train.station and going into East Boston just to go.to the store near.the station and back.again.

I guess not.all the Italian influence is outta there and Latinos taken over. Seems.there's still something left there.

Either.its a warning.or a.threat.

I don't care which.