“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stalked By Black Males Since SxSW Came To Austin

There seems to be a very creepy group of African American stalkers that are present due to SxSW. I had. alot of weird shit happen tonight and if it werent for a person I know walking with me after randomly showing.up in my path it would have gotten worse.

Houston is nearby and remember that all the black criminals from Louisiana have gone to f*ck up Houston now. What they are doing is very southern Very 'spook' like.

Ive been being messed with off and on by blacks since South By Southwest arrived and they always stare at me and do obvious shit in public.

On guy tonight wearing a "No Fat Chicken" t shirt with a bullhorn looked long and hard at me in front of a hotel i was using the bathroom way down on congress and riverside.

Now he shows up on this side of town just now. he was just standing there in the lot of this fast food restarount staring at me as i passed. i got sick of this black bullshit so i went back to photograph him and he was gone. gee, gone just like that huh?

I posted a thread today i found on the internet on my social network where black men were claiming they were hunting white women to impregnate them and take over the world.
it was of course a goof in part on those arrogant stupid kinds of males. But it was also to show the frustration we poor whites have to deal with.

The GS system.is of course hooked up by intelligence.
They see that post and think it would be great to use black males as obviously it pisses me off.

And to make me start going off.even morsel about a conspiracy as such.

Sorry morons- I am not Gibson.

I know who's behind this ans its money grubbing scum in the military industrial complex who make money off of mass human deaths. So to them whats a single woman's death? They already are basically practicing a death cult mentality anyway.

DARPA, GE, Raytheon, Cisco- the whole disgusting overpaid lot of them. Thieves.

And they think its ok to use psy ops and thier toys go silence people.

Fuck you...and your house slaves.