“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Perfect Landlocked Hell Hole To Cover For Crimes

The purpose of all of this is for me to eventually realize that this corrupt power structure runs the country, even the world and I personally have no power. Eventually they want me to accept that.

If I am harassed enough into confessing and tell evsrything I know and STILL there is no results or justice for me and I am ignored, they expect me to be crushed and lay down and die. To finally 'accept my situation'.

I'll just leave the US and find somewhere that either doesn't follow the agenda or at least get harassed by a better class of people.

I just went back in there to use the bathroom before we drove out. Two fat pig nosed birches were behind the counter looking in some boring catalogue...one gave me a bit of a look as I walked past. The other one.didn't dare.

I guess if I looked like that I'd be dying to find something to be part of to make myself feel better.

This is a large part of the problem with the USA.
These horrid places should be their own damned countries, then these types could run their place however they wanted to.

All of these stalking and harassment episodes are usually under the guise of something else. Taking whatever dirt on the TI they can market to the public.

However usually its the people who are doing GS who are at risk for being exposed for crimes: child molestation, kiddie porn rings, drug running, rape rings or groups, whatever it is.

For instance that sober house in San Antonio was full of Christian women. Most of them were leaning towards being lesbians but couldn't admit it due to that culture.
Also the guy running the place on paper had slums and was putting young girls up in his properties so he.could have sex with them. The women there would make Jones about it but mostly speak of it in frustration. I wondered why they let a male of the species get to them or have any control over their lives at all. Foolishly many of them went to him for assistance or depended on him for house cleaning jobs etc (where of course he overworked them.for minimal pay).

This is another major reason I am targeted. I have seen the powerful men this society fears and worships in vulnerable moments.
This society post Bush and especially the extremist sexist factions believe that depending on male power makes this country strong- especially in the face of terrorists who are so horribly sexist.

(Its either the veil and male domination or heels and a.skirt and plastic surgery and u r all washed-out at 40 male domination. These jerks behind this aren't fooling anyone who recognizes that America's sexism is simply different. But its just the same. BOTH demand slavery to their ideals. Neither allows for true female prowess and warriorhood to even exist. Well at least ancient Iraq had fearsome female Generals. Abrahamic religions destroy these historical images and ideals. BOTH enslave females. All three I should say.)

Trying to break women who won't go.along with the agenda now is very prevalent. And The Proles in places like this are the perfect type of loser to help the oppressors accomish that: jealous enough to want to help destroy the female Target and stupid enough to believe whatever they are told.