“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chaos Is Constantly Being Created At The Transitional House I Am In

Theres a drama brewing here. Ive experienced occasional harassment within the house by someone who has a key to this room. My second drawer has been open twice when I came home. Upon moving in here I experienced something was moved in the room so I locked up my valuables. The item was a velvet little bag that some dumbass thought had valuables in it. I sensed that someone in on the thievery thought it quite quick and smart of me to lock up my stuff right away as the locker in the hallway makes noise.

Ive also found things like peanut butter smeared in small places on the bottom of my mattress which I noted after everyone learned of my allergies.

After being targeted for so long these things dont surprise me. You've got alot of low quality people here some of whom never mentally left prison. And many are very lonely women who are looking for thrills or drama whicb sadly is one of the lowest levels women can reach but one of the most common. In a culture where females have no idea they are opressed or have the strength, support or guidance to rebel and truly become independent this is the result.

Ive also spent enough time on the road as a traveler to understand how to guard my stuff and be blasé about it getting stolen if it happens.

Whoever it is they are targeting my older roommate who works all the time..if its not her simply pretending to be victimized for attention or becuz shes in on gwng stalking. It makes my other roommate and myself look suspect. And of course there will be a house meeting which will be a bitchfest and lets not hope turns into a find fault with Rachael fest.
I think I have enough support here that wont happen.

Theres been a few women coming home drunk lately and one supervisor claimed one of those women was actually smoking crack out in the back yard. However I am suspect becuz she never drug tested the tenants involved like she said she was going to. I have recently been informed crack cocaine is actually smoked IN THE HOUSE occasionally..which might explain my sometimes trouble breathing or severe headaches which are very specific to that.

I started a twelve step meeting so the women who want help can stay sober. This place simply needs a major ass kicking is all. The one resident bully needs to be handled constantly and the people who are screwing up by doing drugs etc need to back off of whatever other bs they are up to. Not a very bright crowd here as far as devising fuck overs but they r a potential mob and someone seems to be into stalking and playing games. Ones that I aced a long time ago. Its prison level shit. Its certainly not as bad as some of the shit the real nasty higher level (and mucb more twisted) gs come up with.

No ones trying to access my programming after talking me to sleep or trying to get me to go to a hotel room to have sex with them so they can murder me. (When a guy claiming to be Eddie Cox pulls this on you, everything else in life seems pretty tame in comparison.) Yeah, MILABs make the peasantry in these places seem simple...which they are. Covert harassment has its advantages. No one but the Target really knows the whole story-knows whats been experienced.

Ive woken up more than once a few years ago, like 2007 and 2008 with my necklace snd other items different from what they were before I.fell asleep when staying with people I knew couldnt be fully trusted. Whos to say my still then intact programmijg wasnt being abused for the purpose of who knows what? Then again this could have been to make me paranoid. I

Its pointless to get upset about any of this. MC slaves have very little choice in what happens to them. One can only attempt to stay in control or keep fighting when you're able to.
Eventually you get old or overweight or whatever from the years of stress from gs and abuse so they leave you alone. Yet there is always this effort to keep you controlled, continue to ruin your health or drive you to suicide. As well as keep you down and make your existence miserable for the rest of your life. Its all to ensure that behavior modification and keeping you under mind control will ensure life long silence from a very damaging victim witness. Of which there seem to be many in this world, people just like me.

The public isnt supposed to know about an international network above the law such as this one. Imagine if every experimentee came forward for the Advisory Committee in 95? There must be many people like my mother who were intimidated out of showing up and testifying. And so there are many Survivors who are intimidated into silence also..with methods of control that not many people could stand against, yet people have. This is the level every Survivor must strive to achieve.