“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Bad Guys Always Walk Off Into The Sunset With The Spoils. Always..

Its interesting that certain people who once were obsessed with never allowing their faces to be seen by the public are almost flagrant in ensuring there are many pics not showing their faces in detail but of portraying them as very normal human beings.

The NWO has arrived and the people who helped bring it about can now rest easy. No consequences nothing to worry about for what they did. Their 'age' has arrived and people can openly live in this new set up. Its their world now and those of us of a certain age and who continue to resist are being left behind like ashes to a passing wind.

The world will never be as it was before the Bush administration simply becuz the public is asleep. They don't realize they've basically been pulled through a portal, is the best way to describe it. To those of us who are uncomfortable with the way this reality feels I am sure they welcome us to commit suicide or change to embrace this horrid place as it is now.

I still think writing how things got this way is valuable but it won't change anything for those who have been beaten by this system.
Its good to know that the information will be there and made available for anyone who wants it.

All IS lost however. The majority aren't too bothered by the way the world has become, the way things turned out. Their world still functions, they go on. The public continue their sleep. While those is us who were woken up during Bush may never sleep again until we die. They'll be no rest and no peace for us. This was most likely planned this way from the beginning.
At least writing down the truth and filling in the missing true timeline will stop some of the torment.