“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sickness From Being Indoors pt 2

...regarded as part of the normal human population subject to laws nor protected by them.

In El Paso the staff mixed straight bleach no water with Fabuloso which Mexican culture is fond of. Fabuloso is ammonia based. They used this combo to clean in an unventilated area. It was horrible. The entire shelter was closed up completely.

So many people seem unaware or stubborn about mixing bleach with ammonia to clean. That combo was used as chemical warfare in WWI. They'd put the combo into shells and drop them as bombs. Look it up.

Chemically sensitive people are affected by this strongly. The bad attitude of shelter employees is usually that clients are imagining things, that this is THEIR way of doing things so too bad that's 'the way it is' or they tell you to go stay someplace else. The general attitude in many cultures across the US is that "shelters are supposed to be a temporary situation. They aren't supposed to be comfortable". Well they are largely govt, state and city funded so those morons are masochists I guess. This typical bullshit is handed to them by house slave staff members and clients parrot it mindlessly. Either that or they can't deal with being homeless psychologically so have to convince themselves of this to stay strong and make it 'out' or backed to the mainstream, Capitalist ideal of being in a domicile with all their material possessions around them. Whatever.

This social embarrassment and humiliation in clients is used by the shelter system to keep it sub par in standards.

Its one of the things I'd like to change. It would be a great revenge on such an arrogant abusive white collar criminal run system to cost them money and make them straighten out and fly right. Maybe they need forced behavior modification and coercion in order to change their ways?

And to take away America's privilege of having a peasant class they can scapegoat and shit on for social and political convenience would give me endless great pleasure as well. I want to make it cost them, big time. While of course helping those who can be helped.

Outside of all that I just wrote, here is the paranoia (which is legit for every genuine TI): that there is some sort of purposeful warfare against this house and the women in it to make them sick. It isn't unheard of. I can think of many motives which I wont get into here.
I would say its just to target me but I haven't experienced sickness being used directly as a biowarfare agent in my campaign. I was just fine here until two nights ago I felt illness in the room. I can actually feel when someone near me is ill and is going to make me sick as well and I am always correct. Its a sort of smell-like sensation or maybe I can feel it some other way. I know it though. Usually I get away from the person and I am not affected. Using Lysol spray works also. Prior to my anaphylaxis from Bactrim that induced allergic reactions I would simply take herbs that fight sicknesses.

This situation was all very different. It seemed to be coming in from the windows, perhaps the heat vent. Someplace in the room. It didnt seem like I was making contact from another human being. How can that be? The heating vent was fine two days ago.

Whatever the source of this it burned my throat in the early morning hours yesterday morning. I would feel like I was getting sick from laying in my bed. Like the source was there, near the windows or the heat vent in the ceiling.

There was a woman who came into my room to talk with me who just got out of the hospital a week or so ago. She had been away this week. She had walking pneumonia. But that doesn't explain the presence of sickness in my room.

I opened the windows, used Lysol, everything you can imagine. Everything that normally works for illness gotten from other humans.

I don't trust that this place isn't being hit with something like that. There's a military base nearby, the place is owned by a Christian who's family has a long history of working to genuinely help the disabled. The city has a lot of genuinely godly people and it has an underground Satanic scene as well. This is also a very poor area. All these factors make me wonder if this place wouldn't get targeted for motives of financial, political or spiritual warfare. It could also be the women in this place are also Targets and don't realize that.

I do know for sure that after years of experience as a lone Target that the gang stalking system is indeed capable of doing something like that. In fact that action matches pretty much what they are about. Its what they do. And there is no question if they have the resources or cabability to do so.

One thing however. The woman that had walking pneumonia is a person who's had exposure to military life as well as bases overseas. Her kid was born sick. I don't trust the US Military when it comes to pollution or disease as their track record is herrendous. They experiment on their own people and they want and get results at any cost.

With how monitored I have felt here the entire thing is questionable. I know getting back to traveling would be healtheir but where am I supposed to go? Most cities I get targeted so I can't function or think if not then I get gang stalked and kept from doing anything AND that makes me start freaking out on people so more evidence for being discredited.

My health has been ruined to the point where no matter where I go there will be problems especially with mold sensitivity. There's no dream place like a homeless-hostel-squat type place made out of concrete steel and Yang materials with a commune of travelers and artists that keep the place livable. If there is I probably am not welcome becuz I am not a rich kid poser or a Hipster I am actually a true houseless, traveling dissident and that's not accepted for some.reason. Who cares why. But there just isn't any real freedom for the poor. Especially if you are a threat.