“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Need New Companion

I need a new traveling companion. Due to my situation I can only get screw ups and opportunists. Then I end up having extra stress on top of being targeted and the perps get more witnesses and video of me freaking out or being a bitch.

I need someone close to my age and someone who is serious about doing gs activism as well as mind control. Who supports me writing my book. The person I am with now is loyal but they are lazy and a food addict. They claim to be targeted but don't seem to treat being a Target like a life or death situation.

Also they are into Hollywood movies. Anyone who was truly targeted would have shun mainstream media long ago. Hollywood has hurt myself and other TIs very deeply. After going through that why would anyone want to view an American movie? A main theme of gs is betrayal. Its to make the person feel their entire culture has turned against them. The people and things they trusted most or were supposed to depend on. Thier fire dept, police, ambulance personnel, people who work in hospitals, respected colleges and universities, churches. Not just authorities but the culture they have come to know as familiar such as media or even favorite music or performers in arts.

They definitely turn the basic foundation you are used to against you like percieving the aforesaid mentioned cannot be trusted but then they find out what the Target likes specifically such as music, TV shows, performers etc and manipulate things so that the Target will percieve that those things have somehow been taken from them. Anyone in the entertainment industry involved in Satanic practice, pedophelia, heavy prostitution or simply enjoys messing with people or destroying peoples lives (or women) will be quite ready to comply with doing whatever it takes to assist in destroying the Target or driving them nuts.

I need someone who understands how infiltrated mass media is. I hate American cinema not just for its constant sameness and its constant casting of the same tired Eastern European/Russian-German faces, DNA picked up by Jews over the centuries (I am Polish and Lithuanian partly and am SICK of looking at my nose, eye shape and facial bones and forehead over and over and over and over...33.333333 ad naseum. I need to view new facial shapes and varying ethnicities. American cinema provides a high number of new releases with the same formulas. Can't stand it anymore.
Its awful.

Needless to say with that I want to get out of America, especially if Romney gets in and go to Europe. Not that its any better there for being Targeted but its at least not giving the bastards here the satisfaction of having me here.

I work hard on the road as a poor traveler. I need someone just as serious about survival. I am too frazzled to learn about living off the grid completely but maybe after my book is done or at least my story exposed somewhere.

I also want someone who genuinely enjoys being a houseless traveler. But remembering that this is only out of necessity: in actuality there is a very important war we are fighting and THAT is what takes presidence. The NWO isn't going to go away becuz we are having fun on the road.

Any REAL TI knows that laziness and stupidity will get you killed. Being worn down and tired is understandable. I am efficient and try to plan things out but with little experience I make a lot of mistakes. This is not a war we can afford to lose. I need somone who understands that giving in just a bit means suicide as the only way out and that is unacceptable to me-until my story is written and put somewhere that people can see it. Letting go just a bit on self discipline means falling completely into the worst reactions to being tortured for so many years.

For me none of this is acceptable- all systems must be kept up to peek performance until the mission is completed, then and ONLY then can systems be shut down. This means functioning outside of society as well as not allowing anything threatening IN. This means getting up in the morning, staying fit, eating properly, training the mind and the reactions to deal with constant psychological warfare and not allowing complacency in areas where there is a lull in the attacks. This means getting rest and staying healthy, being frugal and taking care of hygiene. It means looking pulled together even when by rights you should not. Versatility.

The whole point is to avoid behavior modification at all costs. And to continue to avoid being controlled or manipulated by whatever has been internalized over many years of being gang stalked. It can't be avoided, there is going to be some damage, some alteration. But to wall off those areas and not let the internal systems be affected by any of it. To stay with the original schematic of who you are, the original SELF and even the parts of the Internal Programming systems that can be remembered or preserved.

An appreciation for the same types of music etc that I like is helpful as well as other media. As usual new material is shunned due to pay ops content unless its foriegn and obscure.

Being a fellow RA survivor helps I think but I am not sure this can work. We may harm each other in frustration or even have trouble managing the other's energies around us...if you know what I mean.

From what I have read on Neil's SMART ritual abuse pages, people with dual boot programming seem numerous actually. Templar/Masonic and Satanic military. Its eerie actually that there are that many other people claiming survivorship to that specific programming. I dont know if two could get on together.

I know one thing though, I am sick of being surrounded by people with inferior mental capacity and no artisitc ability. Anyone who doesnt excel at verbal skills is ultimately annoying.

I want someone who understands how difficult this is. That its basically a suicide mission and the more we push the more the system resists us, denies us and crushes us. However they deserve nothing less than total obliteration considering what damage they have done. It is my job personally to bring the awful truth to the public so they have to deal with the reality of the world they live in, which for the satanists and sadists is not a problem to begin with. Its not the sickest I am concerned with..we all know they suffer just as they are.
The ones I want punished are the weak who falsely harden themselves against what they partake in but do so only becuz the mob affords them comfort.

The truth, when understood by the people, what small faction will even read such a book, will then break the safety and illusion the weakest of the mob get to live safely behind.

And there are also many who don't understand their own situation or misunderstand TIs. Even simply the homeless or bogus mental illness labels must be exposed for what they truly are, not kept in darkness so being misunderstood can make profit for snake oil salesmen or give white collar criminals places to hide.

After my psychiatrists part in my campaign nothing less will do. Hmph...I read the final referral letter she wrote over the phone once to another older TI and I could feel the fear...their blood ran cold when they heard it. Being from Boston, from the family I am from, being an RA Survivor this is the normal level.of deception, cruelty and disregard that one gets treated with life long. Interesting how someone put a stop to that right away...probably so I would never be motivated to sue everyone involved. Assholes.

So I was abused to the point of beyond illegal and expensive if sued but then I was handled so thst I can never get justice or monetery compensation.

Screw this system is what I say. If you simply want to expose what's going on becuz 'proper channels' simply don't work and you are not LAZY and understand this is literally a life or death situation then let me know.

Part of traveling is due to wanting to escape what happens if a TI stays in one place too long, the other drive comes from travel being all that's left when all you have known gets ripped from under you. What else is there..or rather where else is there?

You are now a stateless person.

I personally am dirt poor. So living in a steel concrete structure with no cell phone reception (heaven) is not possible. But travel provides a safety from being captured in any one particular net. Which provides the safe zone in itself.

If you are as dead serious as I about winning and smiting your enemies-who now live prosperous lives and have forgotten all about you, while you of course rot in the streets and on the road, then perhaps we can accompany one another til the end.

My finalizing my story is my goal. I don't like anything in my way. And I live for my bitterness. The death of those who destroyed me is all I desire, sooner than later and if I cannot bring that on personally or in a physical way then I want at least for the public to appreciate how much they deserve to die.