“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Day Of TV Gets Repetitive..Mossad Ad Naseum

Having to watch NCIS or whatever it is. Beautiful Spainard playing Mossad agent.
An entire day of bs kissing up to Mossad. Its enough to make you ill. I love the disinfo about the terrorists. Its like hours of Muslim terrorist related television.

Im sick of the Middle East in Hollywood, I am sick of it in American lives. All they do is argue, their love of bartering shows their love of argument.

Lets leave them all behind one day soon. All the Abrahamic religions, wall them all off, abandon them forget them, leave them to argue with one another ad infinitum off in another time and space. And lets get back to our lives, lets go back to OUR ancestors. No longer be influenced by THEIRS.

A country so small thousands of miles away has so much influence..by the ways of ancient smoke and mirrors still so effective to this day. And the most creative and brutally violent temper tantrums to force thier Will to be met as a people and a nation.

Hollywood being the absolute worst example besides NYC of at least one Abrahamic influenced culture.

Its impressive the beauty and control...the perfection of the Spanish actresses face. The stone Will. Something usually not allowed to be seen by the American public on the screen.
Its a quality more available to be viewed in foriegn films. European faces, cultures.

Not allowed in Hollywood produced media-for such an ancient, cultivated classical standard of beauty provides too much competition to....er, Hollywood 'sameness' of look and style.

Communism is Russian and Jews brought it with them decades ago. Its being used to dismantle and destroy classical culture and art and a standard of perfection that personifies Europe.

Equality, PC and Diversity not only creates racial cold war but demands that all bow to these standards but curiously one still witnesses Rabbis telling large groups of boys that they must marry Jewish girls or their mothers will break their legs. Not very PC is it?

Its time not to scapegoat the Jew nor single out the rich nor blame the blacks: its time to call EVERYONE on thier sh*t and realize that hypocrites exist everywhere and exclusivity exists alongside forcing others into false systems of 'equality' and 'diversity'.

Its about time to dispense with a system that blinds humans with foriegn religions, intimidation, falsehoods about cultures and peoples as well as uses various lies and misconceptions as social control-often with life long effectiveness.
Both leaving out information and lying.
No matter how good the acting, one can still catch within the eye, hatred, weakness and attachment to only myth. The myth of a monotheistic god that favors one people. The myths of the other two religions... in the end all there is human beings treating each other humanely in any given situation or not. Things being done out of greed or desperation. The odd thing is that this organization should be involved in being against Nazi activities or anything rooted in such things. Yet Mossad as well as Isreal is pretty friendly with the USA. Project Paperclip made no impression? Each time I look at this it makes conspiracy theories about Zionists funding Nazis seem plausible. If that is not so then who is responsible? Just the elite of all cultures bonding together to enslave mankind, utilizing progress in technologies coupled with chemical and psychological warfare??? r