“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 6, 2011

TIs Must Not Faulter Or Give In To Continued Pressure To Accept Thier Situations

Some wanna be Latin bitch argued with me about a seat some guy saved but I took by accident. After me calling her out fr being a wannabe moron and using my best Boston sailor mouth, she cu the shit and i ended up talking to that jail lookin guy who turns out to be from Louisiana orignally with people in the Islands. Hes nice actually, and yes i was right about his status.

Its hard after years of experiencing covert warfare, to trust any given situation.

Its so much a part of the past now, it almost seems like I imagined it.

This is what the system wants, is for the TI themselves to either officially or secretly, privately accept they simply 'went crazy' temporarily or had a psychotic episode.

But one must remember that is not logical in relation to current circumstances. You have to look at your life and ask 'how did I get here, how did my life end up this way?'. And the possible answers still point to suspect circumstances.

Why would I never have gone this insane or had a break with reality before the last ten years? And isnt me having a decade long psychotic episode a bit of a long period of time? Also to have such a thing happen during a federal onvestigation of a powerful, untouchable madam who was a friend for ten years...and the worsr of this situation ONLY occuring during the Bush administration and overlapping with Hayden as head of the CIA during late Bush, early Obama-that time frame being the absolute worst for experiencing torture and other horrors.

One must always ask how did one's current situation come to be.

The answer cannot possibly be that its merely self induced or a bout of temporary insanity.

The current administration, even the world would like to forget it seems the various war crimes and horrors that occured during Bush and continue now.

Daily now I consider the loss of my youth and all my assets such as health, strength, looks..the opportunities I could have had.
This is part of the ever present slow brain wash to attempt.to get victim witnesses like myelf to forget what really happened.

And activists must remember our obligations as citizens and part of humanity to reveal to the world, anyone who will listen, what we have experienced. To forget about one's self and remain true to the larger cause.

It would be very easy to write this off as imagined or something i experienced as a temporary condition of Bush or the organized crime syndicate back home. Most people I encounter seem to be pushing that as the reality. Its not. We are victim witnesses and deserve justice as well as have an obligation to reveal what we now know. My mother's sentiment such as "No one is going to believe you(if you write a book)" is the anchoring of such doubts. She planted that seed in 2006 and the system works off of that, now daily.

It doesnt matter becuz SOMEONE will believe me, they already do. Also there are others with similar stories not just Targets but Survivors of mind control such as programming. This was an attempt by her to isolate me from other activists and survivors of both mind contrl and gang stalkng.
The system seeks to always do the same.

Interestingly, a high percentage of what is done by the gs system to me are tactics that were part of my mother's method of control over me as well as my family's dynamics. Perps I ended up trying to rent from in the past also started re creating those dynamics almost immediately after I would move in.