“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

People In On GS Attempt To Keep TI in Denial and Project Outcomes

Being in NM I recall in 2009 while here, what one of the staff Barret House women's shelter claimed was supposed to be the projected outcome of this situation. So right there, here is someone else admitting they are aware of a campaign of covert activity to produce an outcome to begin with. To covertly influence events and shift things to a projected outcome. Something about me becoming an avante garde artist after going through all of this. Lou Gheppetti that art professor I used to model for in 2007, who leaked me so much information (and then wouldnt work with me anymore due to his "guilt" as I had become suicidal). He also made that prediction, back in 2007. He claimed I would get my health together and then become an artist. He also stated very snidely "Not ALL of your dreams will come true Rachel, but some".
Actually with the amount of damage done none of my PLANS (not dreams) can be realized now. I cant exactly be an artist with a curled up half a finger thanks to Mary Holiday's dogs biting it off. I dont want to draw or read anymore becuz I developed floaters and other weird eye damage living in the moldy apartment in Brighton, MA. I can't do artwork if I cant remember , if my faculties are not as they were years ago. Most of all without the sensitivity I once had, art is not even an option.

What these people who obviously work for the system are trying to do is most likely foreshadow my writing an exposé about all that has occurred. Their trying to make it as if this will be recieved as a work of fiction most likely.

I dont know what they are doing or talking about, becuz on top of neurological damage I now have this pain that kicks up in very humid weather, worsens and ends up with internal bleeding from my intestines (yes I have medical documentation).

All I can do is keep moving to warm dry places and try to rest from carrying my pack as much as possible, which isnt much. Strangely, when I get a chance to rest such as getting housed and living normally as most people do, and not carrying the heavy pack anymore that is when the trouble started, but I was also staying in Dorchester, in the hood where I was getting heavy harassment, stalking and being targeted with some sort of remote influence that was as harsh as what I experienced in St Louis MO, staying at that hostel. Not since Hayden was head of the CIA had I experienced such intense torture.
Whatever this injury is affecting the intestines it stays dormant in dry conditions which is strange.

The gs system and its agents want to keep the Target brainwashed with denial and false hope while the person is actually slowly degenerating.

In the hospital back home I recall one of the nurses doing the typical bullshitting, trying to minimize or put a happy face on these horrible conditions, by smiling all fake and saying that my main health levels all came out 'normal' without any red marks and she specified that most people have at least one or two red marks. I have never heard of such a test and I asked for the documented paper results of said test and got no response.
Again this is part of minimizing as well as brain washing the severely retraumatized mind control victim into ignoring the fact that their bodies are slowly falling apart due to the physical stress and demands on their bodies due to being gang stalked and tortured.
The public may recall these are the same things done to torture victims in Gitmo Bay. Psychologists were present to help the prisoners through the torture. Which tells me those actions were much more than merely tryjng to get information-it sounds like a brainwashing program.