“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Much Of My Campaign Is Familiar To White Supremacy Treatment Of Blacks..So Why Are Blacks Major Gang Stalkers?

When I skim over White Supremacy sites even the most hateful of them, strangely I often find many of the attitudes that gang stalkers have towards TIs, especially Survivors of mind control slavery, to be the same attitudes, sentiments and even proposed treatment of people of African ancestry or from Africa.

I even found one chilling post on a less political more plain hater site called CHIMPOUT.COM.

One of the creators of the site, Raptorman I believe, told of a scenerio that seemed to be making fun of what is assumed to be a 'nigger' acting crazy, yet it described the exact coping skill I used for years that, if cameras were put into my apartment back in Brighton, as its pretty definite that was the case, people would have viewed this activity.

Also, in the following post, we have a similar attitude to TIs, that blacks deserve "enslavement, medical testing or deportation".

What I do not understand is why such attitudes and treatment would be applied to a non African, and non Jew for that matter.
And if is truly connected to Neo Nazis then why would so many blacks be used as well as exempting someone like my old associate Julie who has so many Jewish clients from all professions?

For this to be rooted in Nazi human experimentation is one thing due to my mother's child hood status as an experimentee but to include and utilize so many people not of European descent doesnt make any sense.
The only real contact I have ever had with someone claiming anything to do with White Power was Mary Holiday, that woman from the conference calls on FFCH who claimed to be a Christian with no record but she comes up as a.multiple felon. She also had rebel flag shot glasses in her living room and said to me verbatim: "At least if you stay here you wont be being chased across the country by a bunch of niggers" . She also added " Its not many women who can perform sex acts and not remember them". (by the way, career criminals like Mary in the long run were more supportive, leaked more information out of guilt and were generaly nicer to me than your 'average' citizen in on this, professionals and especially ever arrogant city employees).
This same woman I watched in awe as she spoke to her older black female friend and claimed to not want to associate with a certain neighbor becuz she had used a racial slur.

What this means is that alot of people out there may have 20 acres of land like Mary and a good rep with the community but still be active in hate groups for personal gain or protection.
As for Mary's sentiment, I could not agree more. If whites are hiding out then so are blacks or Jews or anyone else as part of a special interest hate group.

I personally am most disgusted with the African Americans involved in gang stalking or who know about my situation. They are most arrogant, flashy, braggard, sexist and vindictive, mocking and its always a joke. The men are most guilty of this.
Needless to say that such brutal viscous actions towards a white woman make no sense , if this is truly from Neo Nazis or Nazi sympathizers. Especially towards a Gentile white female. Unless of course these are people who prescribe to Farrakhan who claims Hitler was a great man...except I am not a Jew.

Why would Nazi sympathizers and White Supremacists be into using a system to keep me down and drive me to suicide that heavily utilizes blacks and other ethnic groups like Asians?

The answer may be that organized crime is actually dumb enough to work together on certain projects.
Heres what happens when Italians start slipping from the old ways and thinking pc will work for them:http://www.chimpout.com/forum/showthread.php?33283-Mafia-making-Niggers-Good-in-Italy
Didnt think theyd turn on you did you?

From what I have seen Africans from all over the globe are partaking in an effort to dominate society, to take over power any way they can. Someone has to be letting this happen, becuz it wouldnt be allowed if it didnt serve a purpose.

How do you enslave mankind? You associate and mix all peoples with rhe most successful slave culture in history. Your work is basically done for you.