“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mixed Population of African Americans Take Some Getting Used To

This area is confusing. One minute I am telling off an entire street becuz black males young ones wont stop this nonsensical predator bullshit where they swagger by and lean a bit into your personal space. Being from the northeast I have two reactions. I really do not care if you exist or not or I want to reach out and grab your throat and ask you what the hell you want.

Anyway, the next moment I am in a diner where very civil blacks are spotting me forty cents on my coffee, in an unbelievably civilized manner but NOT uppity.

This is going to take some getting used to. I think I can narrow it down to the problem being caused by young males. People out here think I am younger anyway.

It could also be psy ops. Lots of gangs in Cali and enough dangerous wanna bes to definately cause some problems. O have experienced the wanna be population of various cultures out here. A certain faction i wont mention (clowns) they buy a lot of stuff like knives and dogs and scary clothes but they lack whatever ingredient is present in Chicago, Detroit NY or Boston becuz they would get themselves killed back east. The disease of Wiggeritis is rampant out here and they should really create a vaccine for this embarrassing condition....embarrassing to everyone but the person who suffers from the cult brain washing condition I suppose.

God damn Dark Ages. Europeans are so damned trainable now.....thanks a lot Abrahamic religions and Church burning and torturing people for a good 1500 years. Ironic that Christians died and suffered for their beliefs only to become so worldly and political that a few centuries later, people would die and suffer for being suspect of NOT adhering to their beliefs. This is what happens to every good idea or human attempt to create a better world. It gets infiltrated and turned into something very different.

I am writing this to make time for this area to settle down. It seems the crazies are gone now and the young men who believe it is there charge in modern society to impress all of us with their dominance, which of course is just obnoxious uncilvilized overbearing bullshit.

Get a belt, pull yer pants up unless you are actually poor enough to have older brothers give you their clothes....and stop encouraging a culture of European DNA boys shaving their heads, you and the military obsessive culture have ruined my forties.

Just another reason to move to Europe I guess.