“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 3, 2011

Leaking Info Is Rewarded

Whenever I reveal information I feel rewarded as if that is what I must do to make this stop. I also get the ideation that my mother and her brother, both in on what went down in MA anyway, are somehow pleased when I am broken down to reveal information.
I always consider that these are false deceptions put forth by the tech used in the gang stalking.

I also feel like I have been trained by years of humiliation, torture and rape to be bonded with my captors, especially via daily having interfacing that puts forth the deception that famous or important people are suppoerting me or with me or sympathize with me on many issues I go though or think about during the day.

Due to the combo of rape humiliation and torture as well as bonding and my being kept from a normal healthy sex life, as well as basically isolated, I get a slave like sexual charge from giving up information. Its sickening and degrading but if one does not take proper steps, one can fall into this total mind controlled state of mind, such as not masterbating or having sex regularly. If the TI doesn't take charge of their sexual energies and Willfully guide that energy mentally and psychically, the system will use it to enslave you, control you and even cause you to become aggressive enough to act out or depressed enough to suicide.

Sex is one.of the number one keys or actual physical points on the body to access your Will power. Its one of the keys to mind control obviously used so much in prison camps, etc.

It would have been easy enough to just ask me or subpeona me, why the need for years of torture?

If they wanted J by now they would have busted her. Nothing I say is truly of any consequence, its all about trying to gain confession becuz this is one of the steps in cult mind control or brain washing.

It also proves MK Ultra works to make certain kinds of people reveal info eventually.