“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Many Media Personalities Who Act Out Psy Ops Programmed Themselves

What is going on here? Not all but a number of people who have been involved even briefly with doing the media part of psy ope or mind f*cking Targeted Individuals always end up screwed up like this.

Is it an act? Like a schtick? Like, you realize your acting career is not going to last much longer so somehow theres a planned downward spiral for you that's orchestrated and makes the most of waning years of youth.
Is it real? Do these people sell out in hopes of getting something and then they have gotten themselves into something they cant handle?

Phoenix himself and his siblings are all Survivors of childhood cult mind control. I recall the cult to, from the 70s. Very creepy, even made its way out to MA. Something about little kids, sex and God. Like everything else back then it was veiled kiddie porn, very on the borderline. A little kid on a hook I recall a cartoon of a child or mermaid on a large hook, as in get kids to hook for a God or some such nonsense.

Considering the circumstances around Jonestown who knows how many of these cults were CIA connnected or human experimentation further into mind control.

Thats why part of me has been EXTREMELY TOLERANT of every idiot involved in this, from my own mother to Jake to my old business associate, people in Narcotics Anonymous who helped Jake and his industry friends, their people and all the show biz morons in on this which simply just connects to my old business associate, Jakes connections and the mafia/underground in general. I know damm well that alot of these people are so sick themselves that they either cant help themselves or they are literally programmed slaves themselves. I personally know of the sexual history of the key people who betrayed me-all victims and two of them are programmed, targeted and controlled for life.

Look at the people who take part in the media psy ops part of this. How can one take that personally? His brother died becuz he wasnt old enough or able to face or understand his own history, so why should any of these people fare any better? Its like in order to stay famous, you have to stay f*cked. Stuck at this level of spiritual maturity.

Such a mess of programming being triggered has occurred since Bush got into office and 9-11 unleashed circumstances that provided cover for everything from human experimentation to human sacrifice by proxy and even using the technologies available, to a clean up operation of whistle blowers and left over MK kids who would have proven 'inconvenient' in future.

Its been horrible and I have seen every programmed person from cult to Satanist to...so many people just come out of the wood work and act out accordingly. I can usually see signs of childhood programming and its most of the people in on this.

But I often wonder if THEY know that. Do they understand the context in which they do as they do, or are they genuinely acting out of total ignorance.

Sooo many sleepers have been awakened and so much damn Satanic programming's been triggered.

Its been one shitty era I'll say that much. Awful, really really awful.