“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Strange Claim About Robert Eggplant and Hellarity House

This weird kid at a drop in I went to tonight claimed that a man called Dr Shabubu (http://m.myspace.com/home.wap?bfd=webnext&isredirected=true#friends.list/profile/79572013)
was going around posting things in the area concerning Robert Eggplant of Hellarity House squat in Berkeley/Oakland CA, having recently teamed up with a nasty female Wiccan or perhaps left handed path practitioner and this acffecting people at the squat house. He also claimed that Dr Shabubu claimed Eggplant was involved with a sex torture cult that specifically targeted young women. He claimed they kicked him out most likely for being himself. He was a bit nerdish and not quite all there, but what struck me was his quick break into laughter while telling this story. As if he himself was full of sh*t and might as well be just as suspect for the very content of his story. A bit to close to be coincidence right? That end of gang stalking being exactly what accurately describes thier activities.
One cannot judge accurately whether his claims are accurate and this is why I was perped at Hellarity in 2009 or if this young man telling the story is the perp..or if they are both part of whatever this is.

I would say this is definately tied into the gang stalking campaign due to the content of activities he described being dead on accurate.

He actually used another term to describe their activities, it was sex, torture and something else.

I would say that Hellarity house is definately off limits to anyone targeted and avoid anyone associated with the house or scene as well.

There was a noticable preference for young women as guests at Hellarity az well as what Eggplant said to me was definately mind fucking.

Another sick scene connected to musicians, just like the famous jerks in Boston who gave my ex Jake his foot in the door after he did his part to destroy me.

Seems a common thread, industry people being real sickos.

Perhaps this entire thing is just a joke to whoever is involved. Perhaps that is so but somewhere in this there is some very serious subject matter such as high level programming and of course the connection to MK Ultra.

There are some White Supremacist houses, like collectives or punk houses in Oakland and around this area, dont know if that is a lead to Nazism or sympathizers to that culture which of course is what MK Ultra is from being rooted in Project Paperclip.

Humans do very strange things and many of them seem to act out of being cult mind controlled but dont even realize it. It really takes alot of the edge off of the perps power as well as the abuse when you realize that a number of people dont even realize how deep this goes or what a campaign like this is really about.

Yet in say, that hostel in St Louis owned by Cochran, this nutcase Wayne was a major pain to be around was definately in on the psychological warfare and when talked with he KNEW about the use of the weapons and technologies on Targeted persons.

I think in the twenty first century many people understand what this system is capable of snd what is being done to its victims.

It just seems like something in human beings that is naturally occuring in these holocaust scenerios, is able to write the victims off easily.

Its just that Americans are not used to seeing such attitudes so its mind blowing and confusing.