“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Lost In Berkeley CA

I cannot believe that people are making it so I have to live out the rest of my life suffering like this, living in this limbo.

I didn't do anything. This is why one eventually comes to the conclusion that America prefers its criminals to its innocents and that generally speaking it sucks.

I could see if this happened in just one town or even region, that I would have to leave. Start again somewhere else....but EVERY frickin place in the USA??? O get like this. O sometimes fall into believing the imposed cover story.
I just now thought about my travels and recalled memories of being gang stalked pretty much everywhere and thn i tried to think of someplace i wasnt gang stalked and realized that only one little tiny town in Ill on the Tenn border seemed to not have any issues and it also had no remote influence, of course I had NO CELL RECEPTION there. And in the hospital i went to in this town they seemed to know who i was. some did. but on the street i didnt get any harassment and no remotr influence. so just now did i remember that this is about a way bigger conspiracy than the circumstances of my little life, the cover story.

which means i am slipping mentally and being braonwashed here in Berkeley.

Which figures I guess.

Sometimes we are hunan like everyone else and simply want to have happy productive little lives and not be involved in something so f*cking epic....like breaking the illusions put forth by mass mind control, which of course is what I am stupidly sacrificing my lifespan for..which I feel is my 'job' anyway, but often you just want to be ignorant, happy human mammals like the rest of whst you see daily. I think all these snooty Cali student types here and the spanging being bad and getting attitude just for ASKING for money is getting to me.

And its obvious my work is either going to be shelved yet quietly accessed in future or is going to simply be written off as nutter bs, but I know thats in the near future not far off.

Still I just want to be brilliant, in school and happily living with cool friends. This place will do thst to you. It will make you forget your....other obligations on this planet at this time in history.