“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fuck The United States

I dont understand why people look at me with certain looks. Some seem to hang thier head a bit. Others look as if they think for a millisecknd that its wrong or looking at me strains them but most disturbing is the latter reaction with a kind of smile ending before they pass completely.

I want to believe they are just psy ops perps, doing this on purpose.
And people wonder why there are lone shooters.

By this stage woukdnt YOU hate humanity? You are denied all rights as a citizen, controlled and have all of lifes opportunities kept from you as you are slowly dedtroyed.

America is not good. Its not free and its not just. Its simply far to big and powerful for its critics and victim witnessed to its crimes to ever have any say, or revealjng the truth.

I mean look at my life. I am one of the most innocent peolple out of everyome I was involved with.

Yet I am hated, mocked, reviled and the destruction of my life seems to bring smiles to peoples faces or a good laugh. I have had to watch my old friends and family members move up in the world and accomlish things whike I live in the street. And if I ever try to explain what really happened I am written off as mentally ill and that its genetic from my father. Even though I can clearly map out how this cover up was laid out from day one and can provide information making it obvious that everyone around me had motive much of it to cover their criminal activities.

I will never have any justice and will never be able to grow as a person or an artist. Never be able to express my intelligence or artistic talent.

I have been written off into the gutter and no one reallu cares. In fact they guiltily walk by and insist on keeping it in the past.

America sucks. End of story. Americans suck. They are horrible awful people who will do anything to anyone to live in a fantasy world, not one of their own making that is perhaps an escape which harms no one else, but a large agreed upon LIE which requires that multitudes of human beings be murdered, killed, exploited and sacrificed in order to keep thier amusment park running.

So someone like me is forced to go the way of the American Indian. A very inconvenient fact which represents the hard reality that America is stolen land, built on exploitation and brutality and slavery and is full of shit....and nothing has changed. The slave labor is simply in other countries now, the child labor as well.

The covert actions by certain independent state actors, which has been documented in various books over the decades ad well as can be backed up with testimony from govt documents, is blatantly ignored by American citizens and written off as conspiracy theory out of convenience.

Americans are dangerous, greedy, perverse children who secretly revel in their domination of the rest of the world via bloodshed and sneakiness.

I curse the days that my ancestors bothered to come over here at the turn of the century. It seems to have worked out well for some of my relatives, whos parents were in on my gang stalking campaign as well as were always most American in their character: greedy viscous self serving masculine warlike status seeking pieces of garbage.

I hate the American fantasy. I hate Americans. If Romney gets in my life certianly wont get any better.

Every day I feel like the weight of this entire country is on my back to carry around for the rest of my life. Dont tell me that occultism doesnt exist in order to create great empires.
Fuck America. I am getting out I just dont know how. I want to go back to the homeland. At least there, sharing and Diversity cant be used to destroy me and my people. In Europe, defending against invading Muslims who are being used to destroy our culture over there will be defending native land, not keeping someone from getting ahead, (who in actuality here in cities such as Boston, are the very people keeping US from getting ahead).

I want out of the amusement park. I get nothing out of being here except mocked by ignorant people and evdry day I have to look at others have good lives while I just get older.

While I am constantly denied the rights I am supposed to have as a citizen.

I hate this place and will never be satisfied until my story is heard, understood, believed and those responsible give me back what they took from me.

As well as financial compensation.

Since no one cares about me and insists I simply learn to live with what happened, as if it NEVER HAPPENED, this country can go f*ck off. Your covert ops people who ensure you have a good life here is who you love.

And I want to make sure the whole world knows that on Sept 11 America didnt get what it deserved, what it deserves is to have to face and pay for all its crimes against humanity.

Fuck the United States.

You have no idea how sick and twisted the people involved in black operations are as well as the classified projects they are involved in.

I refuse to live the last decade of my life out as a servant of the United States, carrying its crimes and secrets around with me.

Screw you America you deserve everythng you get becuz Disneyland is more important than Truth.