“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 16, 2011

Laughing At Me And My Work

Also understand something. I am very disrespected by many Americans. People in Boston like cops and their junkie informants like Patrick from Harvard Sq, both scum equally, will both say the exact SAME thing to me (which is how I know that those two geniuses (snicker) have been communicating with each other) . They would each at different times repeat the phrasr "This is the REAL WORLD". The cop said 'this is the real world ya know' and Patrick junkie informant would say " This is the real world rachael" after denying me a spot at the Tannwry one night.

Then week or so later this poor girl those scumbag guys got hooked out there and pregnant as well, was overdosing or miscarrying or somerhing and to Patricks back I said " This is the real world Patrick" and of coirse walked off so the ignorant muscle head could do little in his haze.

becuz i was using dope when he was in diapers and grew up with my uncle Tommy nodding. WHO IN THE FUCK DO THESE ARROGANT PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE ESPECIALLY THE MEN??!?!

I dint get to pay the cop back or the gods or forces dint see fit for me to see it, but I could ruin a few lives in Boston with information. ESPECIALLY THE COPS AND THEIR SCUM CABBIES WHO KISS THEIR ASSES TO EXIST.

it doesnt get anymore real life than MK Ultra and witness intimidation.

Did u ever think that perhaps YOU are the ones that dont have as much information as people like me instead of other way round ? Black projects tend to work that way.