“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 16, 2011

CALI Now Off Limits

Theres too much gang stalking in CA. And alot of smug attitude from the people involved. I do believe for a few reasons, CA is now totally off limits unless I am with a very loyal crew who fully understamd and accept my situation and will be patient with me and protect me. Cali is extremely NWO.

The remote inflience here is very much about 'snapping out of it' (using imagination, having mental and other kinds of privacy and leaving the world of internal programming completely.)

This visit has proven to me that I cannot live life as a normal person would, expecting to go somewhere undisturbed.

The very idea that gang stalking is now being used as a punishment to condition me to not write or post in my blog is totally unacceptable.

That is essentially what occurred today.

Cali is off limits as of now. MA is as well. Maine also. NH and NYC seem to have places I can deal with or operate in ways in which I can function there.

Other places are also somewhat hospitable. Its interesting that the blue states are the ones that make it impossible for me to function. Red states can be obnoxious, even the most abusive yet that makes fighting an overt matter. Not some sneaky weakling kind of gang stalking program. All I got today was a constant subtle psych out. California sucks, in too many ways to deal with. Besides its an earthquake waiting to happen anyway and I cant stop noticing that everytime I come here. The land itself just looks rough and inhospitable. With their deceptive idyllic sunsets and pretty designed neighborhoods. Give me a SOLID, wholesome, strong piece of land in New England covered with snow. THATS beauty. Not this absolute bullshit.

Its too big, theres too much military, too much Silicon Valley, too much corporate culture and too many gangs willing to do the bidding of certain scumbag state actors.


Never again with Cali.

Also keeping me out of here is on purpose becuz I could probably get alot of help here.