“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its Still Confusing As To Who Is Friend Or Foe

This is why its so hard to know who to trust or not. Why San Fran? Who do I know there? There was a lot of satanic pull at that time in thst area but I have to consider many factions. Just prior to 2003 many members, key members broke away from the Temple Of Set, like LaVeys daughter. I am never sure if infighting could have caused some sort of weird circumstances....its short sighted to consider that all satanic factions are always working together...more so there is much potential to decieve each other. You've got satanic factions in Scandinavia involved in this. Odinists with Nazi sympathies. You've got Aquino with Nazi occult leanings but the main thing is his connection to the military,MINDWAR and many Survivors of programming claiming he was involved in their programming.

Then you have LaVey who lied well, was a good con man and supposedly wasn't the idiot he seemed to be...supposedly. That spell on his book is active and has some condensed plowed to it..and if I ever confirm that I am the Yankee Rose- a good looking woman from Boston who seems to be central to a sacrifice and many people in on this....I will go down to Hell and kick his ass.
LaVey also had a lot of Jewish Hollywood connections due to he being a Jew by birth of Eastern European descent.

Then there is his daughter and her husband with whatever they are now involved in, Nazi pre occupations like Eugenics etc and backing the Elite.

For all I know there are some Satanic factions trying to just wipe me off the face of the earth and perhaps some others, for whatever their reasons don't quite agree with that. Perhaps its simply to counter the other party or perhaps to protect some ongoing project that is of value to a state actor, individual or private corporation.

Perhaps its also ideological- some factions may be satanic but they wont agree with Jews destroying me or gaining anymore power or they are part of this faction here in US that doesn't think I should "be bein' chased around the country by a bunch of N*ggers" which I couldn't agree with more.

Then there's organized crime where my family has connections but then again so do my old associates thst want to shut me up. Then there's the feds, the FBI, and other state actors.

I simply cannot tell who is who in this particular game, so I don't know who is safe to go after as an enemy. Which of course might be the whole point of setting things up like this, so I am so overcautious that I simply don't take action at all.