“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Endometriosis Interfering With Travel/Being Female Used Against TargetsTarget

Yesterday was terrible. I got my period today so for one week I will be able to think straight at least. Ever since this began I notice that being female is used against a TI.

The remote influence seems more effective on me when I am full of hormones-when I menstruate the effectiveness of this drops off.

I was foolish to stay in Boston for one full year. Every time I go back there my endometriosis becomes active and seems to grow. My body seems much more sexually charged on the east coast generally.
With what I have seen over these years its not beyond some entity to put something in the air or water to make that be as such. It could also be a by product of manufacturing or hospital waste or content of human waste remaining in the water.

My posts were very emotional last night, lol.

Its horrible to percieve gang stalking serves also as a prison sentence and penalty for simply being female. I was told this was the case by an older female Target years ago. A woman who was friends with Eleanor White. They both have been targeted alot longer tham I. Overtly targeted that is. Many TIs realize we have been targeted life long after settling in with it after it goes 24/7 and overt.

She told me that this system wants to shut women down before they become activists. To ensure women have children so they are kept busy.

That these forces that quietly shape society know that women often take action to fix something in society not from greed or politics. This pure hearted motivation is very dangerous to the system in place that is inherently corrupt.

There seems to also be, within the metaphysical and secret societal end of this, a fear of returning to a matriarchal society.

Something happened to my health back there, in Boston since I stayed for the whole year. I kept getting warnings to leave. I just couldnt. I am so attached to that place as home I somehow got wrapped up into that. I realize now that location has been destroyed. Its so targrted, managed and monitored that its an impossibility that any threat like myself would ever be allowed to live there.

Its more frustrating knowing that my mother and I are the only two that have endometriosis and this autoimmune condition is most likely due to her radiation exposure as an infant.

The fact its now getting in my way to travel, survive and function while staying on the run in order to try to put this project together is yet another slap in the face.

That is also yet another thing that the powers that be dont want broadcast: that the pollution in the environment and much of the hormones and medicines we take are simply bad for womens bodies. Destructive. Not just females but all humans.

I was also doing research into the progestins I was taking before they took them off the market. Ovrette it was. That much of its affects were the same as men taking steroids. I also had the idea that if women are more suseptible to toxiplasmosis in early pregnancy due to first trimester elevated progesterone levels, were women taking progestins to fool the body into this same state of being (to prevent pregnancy and stop endometriosis from growing), more susceptible to parasitic diseases also?

I was doing alot of interesting things and this is why I wanted to go to UMass becuz I knew I didnt have the education to actually keep up with my ideas and scant knowledge gained through self education.

Watching Mitt Romney/Rick Perry stand off. Mitt has support of Bush. Hes been in the public eye longer. And if he gets in, my life yet again will have to be interrupted and uprooted, brought to another country this time. The only reason I havent left yet that route is my health. But if Romney gets in it will be necessary. I dont trust anyone close to Bush and after a Romney family member Laura was in on this, a direct connection to Jake, and all those rich scumbags in MA, I dont want to live under that final slap in the face. That is just way too much of a submission, it would seal the time line. If I accept life in America under Romney, I submit to accepting defeat and forgetting about what happened and what was taken from me. I would be permanently silenced about whst I saw and what was done to me.

Perhaps its better to go elsewhere and have no health coverage at all. As it is I am so targeted at this point I cannot seek any necessary health care and note my exlerience with Mt Auburn hospital they were not properly documenting my health status and conditions most likely to further discredit me and to take from any documentation of a lawsuit in future.