“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music From Childhood Anchors Memories/ Memories the System Doesnt Want Survivors To Access

There is something to 70's disco music, that relates to my history as a Survivor. Some of this music is attached to memories stuck in my head. I was just starting to get that deep in remembering when my mother screamed at me that she would be condemned by me as well as the system really came after me.

I always liked old disco it being the usual music of the backdrop of my childhood with my mother and aunt. I know I have memories of the loneliness of those years, of being trapped with her. In a car or the apartment. But there are deeper memories, I cant really see whats going on but its pretty bad. I am seriously unhappy. And the fact these are party songs is really a threatening part of whatever is in there.

Whatever memories I have attached to some of these songs I am pretty sure is what my my mother, my family and the system doesnt want me to remember. In fact they are terrified of me recalling whatever made me so unhappy. Becuz this discreditation campaign has been long, extensive, expensive and dangerous.

First of all if you actually watch these videos, notably the first one, skip over Abba and the Bee Gees- its worse than state sanctioned torture. Rule of thumb with disco, real 70's disco not the crap that came out in the 80s: white people cannot make good disco. Don't care how that sounds its true. Maybe KC and Sunshine band or Average White Band the former having mostly African Americans in the band and the latter being a serious funk/jazz outfit not some fly by night coke whores who did porn on the side. The white acts are either just what I mentioned or even more horrifying actual acts that are so awful it should have sanctioned all whites from ever making any disco again- ever. This is a No Thug Zone- in fact its Pre Thug: just class and power, natural and real. Well as real as one can be through a drug fog. At least it was fun. Play hard and all that.

Oh and I Feel Love by Donna Summer is one of the best songs ever made. In my humble opinion.

If you want to avoid being sickened fast frwd through: Makin It, Come To Me and Instant Replay, Get Up And Boogie, anything Bee Gees should be avoided at all costs...and of course any parts where they insist on showing people NOW opposed to THEN. Just when you see white people forward it except for the two bands I mentioned. And of course whatever you can get out of the Village People.

Godamnit I hate the Bee Gees..badly. Really badly...and its not related to anything in my memories. Its due to whatever small music sensibility I have.

Try not to barf at the moment you are presented with Disco Duck and then Born To Be Alive. Right after this is Donna Summer, the goddess doing part of I Feel Love, which might make you feel like life is actually worth living after that experience.

Aside from being humorous, I think I have a right to know before I die or get any sicker physically and lose my mind completely as to what exactly it is that went on that is so depressing connected to certain music from my child hood. I find myself really understanding the severity of gang stalking and what it covers up when I realize the effort that goes into ensuring people like me have thier recall process cut short and are purposely brain damaged so that we cannot remember- ever.