“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, August 22, 2011

Aimee Mann-The Final Word and Pics To End My Anger

When you are being targeted as I have and other TIs like me, when something is pertinent to your situation you dont have to think about it- in fact it hits you like a bullet when its crafted to do just that. Which is why this is so hard to prove.

I was offended by Amiee Mann having my ex do her video becuz at the same time the album she released was called @#*@& Smilers! It should have been named Motherf*ckin Smirkers! actually. Ballentines http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/a/aimee_mann/ballantines.html hit a chord and the collective effect of all of these 'coincidences' was not something I felt the creator was doing to be sympathetic.
Having someone else do the video and then realizing that the song content was aligned with familiar life experiences might have been a bit easier to deal with. But then I wouldn't ever have found the album to begin with. Jake was the bait on this one.

Her husband is the brother of Sean Penn, I wont get into it right now but perps extensively utilized Into The Wild, a movie about a naive activist who goes to Alaska and dies there, as part of a psychological warfare campaign. Penn wasnt really doing well or getting much work before that movie. Then his career took of again. I see this repeatedly as a trend related to these campaigns.

Mann's husband Michael might be vocal about corruption and critical of the Bush administration but many people related to psy ops media content are as such, Charlie Sheen for example. What we need to look at are thier personal habits and what vices they have they need to protect or continue so they need protection or to please the providers of these vices. Often we cant see what people are 'getting out of it' by thier 'being in on it'. In many instances I don't think we would want to know what they are into that needs protection from exposure or vices they need to perpetuate. Often its simply opportunities they seek, once in a lifetime ones. And sometimes its to get back into favor with people you have made angry with you, like Sean Penn with certain elements of Hollywood I wont get into, which is suspected by many to be the reason he wasn't working for a long time.

I had posted my delight in Ice-T's response to Mann's criticism about his acting career. What I noted was she bowed out of a fight. Others may have simply returned fire. Also, this shows a pattern of sticking your nose where it doesnt belong.

It is well known by those IN THE KNOW that my ex Jake is a sleaze bag who was part of a sloppy attempt to frame me and its obvious that he slithered off into helping this system take me down instead of stick by me through it or even warn me directly about what was occurring. And this is the man making her vid at the same time she has an album that too closely resembles the psy ops tactics and story lines that pertain to organized stalking and harassment.

That is NOT helpful. That is hurtful. End of story.

Yet there is no further need to ever speak on this again, until its necessary to use this as part of mapping the campaign in its exposure. If we look at Amiee Mann now, compared to the person she was years ago, there is nothing else that needs to be said.

This is her years ago, a performer from Boston area in a popular band, a Berklee graduate:

Pretty, young, talented, healthy- seemingly happy. A real person. A human being with a spirit within. (this is the 80's remember. the clothes and hairstyle was very in.)

Now take a close look at this same person today or at least in recent years. Enlarge the photo. The eyes look sort of evil. That is NOT the same spirit. In fact the spirit that was once within seems absent.

In my experience this is what Hollywood does to people. There is an energy there, a culture, a structure that re-forms human beings. People succumb to this and lose thier old Selves, often naively believing its for the best. This is 'success'. My ex makes fun of his last picture before he got clean and joined the ranks of these scumbags and started getting rewarded with favors from the people in this system. In the pic from when I knew him well he was still a person, with again a visible spirited presence within. A very strong one even. Images of him during and after his sellout to this system are sad indeed. He looks like he's faking it, he's washed out and now he looks like a typical industry scumbag living in Hollywoodland. Yet, to him this is a good thing. He pokes fun at his past represented by that photograph as "ah, the sensitive artist" as if it was a bad thing or a useless endeavor in life.

People do NOT seem to see what this system does to them as human beings how it changes them. I do not write this from a Christian perspective as you know by now. Jake had an extremely powerful combination in his DNA, one of Native American, Celtic, Nordic and a bit of Jew. More than anything else in this environment right now, these energies are a great threat to the NWO itself if not to a society trying to dehumanize human beings and there is certainly a war on human consciousness, especially orgone production or people who can form, handle, morph or carry thier own electromagnetic energy fields. I know that sounds complicated or far fetched but if you do enough research related to the technologies you will find it does go this far. Its hard to do this kind of research becuz people often fall into the disinfo traps or focus on pertinent but unimportant things like Atlantis. That may be interesting or even relative but we cant take military contractors to court for Atlantis, however we should be able to have legislation pertaining to abuse of power and legal loopholes like the govt evading responsibility for war crimes etc by contracting out private companies to perform black ops and other activities.

This next pic shows that she's only being held together by plastic surgery:

Enlarge the picture. Look closely- is that something you want to be? Is that attractive to you? (and I dont mean everyone who gets surgery is like this. I am referring to a person who seems to have lost themselves and surgery seems to be to further hide that.)

Does this look like the same happy, sprite person with bright eyes in the early photos?

I think many of the people who were and are in on this simply dont understand the vastness of what is going on. What the true implications are of these campaigns and the NWO. Its not just political, its spiritual. And no one, no matter what price or what intimidation is going to get ME to sell out my ancestry, my primitive spirit, my birthright.

This is more than just the elite being a bit nervous. Its about trying to still escape from consequences of war crimes. And what occurred during Bush much of it was an extension of MK Ultra experiments and related research.

I can never be sure if that song is about me or not. Its a pretty good chance with the other circumstances.

You cannot use technologies to psycho-civilize society and that is really all this is about. And if that is the case the public deserve to know what is going on.

I dont need to get into some rap style lyrics war by writing some scathing return song. I do visuals not sound- and those pics are 'nuff said. Be very wary of the world of material gain right now, its no longer easy, free or about simply doing an honest job to get something you deserve. As one perp said to a young girl who was talking about setting me up in 2008 (heard it through the wall): "Girrrl, you gotta do crazy things to get anything nowadays".

You don't have to, you choose to. Remember that.

Oh and recently I read that she did some art thing on PBS with the subject matter consisting of being in denial and hiding things is unnecessary: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/egg/314/index2.html Its probably unrelated but its annoying anyway. Maybe Mann just bugs me. And if anything done was to be helpful it wasnt very effective. In fact it just made me feel like another rich kid from the Boston scene who is also blonde, decided to gang up on me, along with everyone else. Which is nothing compared to what is really going on in the big picture.