“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MA Is Corrupt..So Is AnyWhere USA.


Most of this is hard to understand for me.

I know one thing. Being from this area its normal. I grew up with this being all very normal, this "justice on its head" sentiment.

Why focus on New England? What about the US itself? The military industrial complex? One thing I have learned in life and reading history is that most successful people became that way by doing something to exploit someone else. From privately rich individuals to corporations to America itself.

Its kind of like what Scarface says in that restaurant about people needing him as a diversion so they can continue hiding. They know how to hide is the only difference.

This perp David in Tempe AZ told me that "corruption is part of the system there(Boston)". Yeah, so what is it you are doing right now, knowing my situation and being in on gs I think back now. I exposed myself to being gang stalked by rooming in his house. Neighbors were in on it. He would say things to me like "You can learn alot about a person by thier cell phone" and brag about knowing things thanks to his being a flight attendant and shmoozing with federal marshals on flights, as if thats where he was getting this info from.

Using the federal investigation as a cover story was so damn easy for them. You wonder who is doing to MILABs..what the mob? Like they have time for that. But what do I know? Perhaps they have thier own private sector companies now, working on making the Nazi superman rooted in Project Paperclip a reality, and only the govt knows enough to stop them..or is it organized crime who knows enough to stop the govt and contractors who are corrupt??

At top levels are there even lines drawn between the two. Probably not.