“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Visiting Hometown..I Know I Did All The Right Things

In my familial hometown getting mail from box. I think I understand now that on the local level at least my mother and her family were abusing their connections to police via my grandmother Willems having a nephew that was a detective. That and my mother's old self admitted syndicate connections and my uncle's connections from his days doing violent things for some Italians.

They always were selfish and excluded me. I al sure the cops were happy to oblige in assisting to destroy me.

Yet did these connections help when Jake and his idiot rich kids try sloppily to frame me for drugs? Or go up against corruption from higher levels during Bush? Or did those higher up connections assist me from the local cop nonsense connected to my family.

My mother and grandmother turning on me tells me one thing but people dropping me info in AZ talking about me having 'police connections' and that bitch Lenni from The Women's Lunch Place hissing at me that basically I was still walking around becuz "You've got friends Rachael". (F*ck u by the way. You don't even deserve that job u nasty b*tch). Who let's these psychos work with the homeless? They're all gang connected in there anyway. That place is disgusting and I wouldn't eat the lunches-unless you want to feel drugged by a mood stabilizer and sleepy afterwards. (This has been my experience nationwide with free food for homeless in a third of the places I have been. We should collect samples and test the food and drinks.)

Its confusing when so many factions are involved.
It's good for me to see my ancestral home. And the bus passes by a street that leads right to the apartment in Brighton MA I lived in when this turned 24/7 in 2003. I still get very calm when I go by it..becuz that is where I lost my life. Where I still exist waiting to be set free with vengence. My true spirit is trapped there for eternity until it's set free with a full expose version of the truth.

Who cares if the local scum believe if or not? From the what I have seen over the years one can only assume that any companies in the Waltham area involved in the military industrial complex like on Rt. 128 tech hub and Raytheon have some interest in helping to target anyone who knows too much.

I am also getting strong ideations again that alot of this is about Romney that sociopath and getting him elected president.

Go for it..nothing like a good timeline shift to make things go your way. Of course its Bush behind this again.

Charles Schlund said he was being targeted and his information and testimony suppressed in order to make way and buy time for HW Bush to get into office. It worked obviously. And of course his second term was an odd occurence: a nation full of confused human animals that did not understand why they were compelled to vote Republican when they had planned to vote Democrat. Myself included..but like a good slacker Gen Xer I simply chose Non Action over doing the wrong thing and didn't vote that day due to how weird that was.

One day this will all come out and it will be very illegal and enforced to throw elections using military/intelligence technologies. For now the sheep are still confused...and very controlled.

Its not them I hate if they are truly concerned..its the ones who know something is very wrong but choose to submit..let them suffer someday hopefully they will. And of course the scum who gang stalk and spy and inform who know this system is in place. They are the worst of all.