“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What connection is there between Bin Laden and the mind control tech being used?

Since his death I have experienced a significant drop in remote influence being a problem.

I first experienced some relief when the trees and other plant life became came into full bloom here. Perhaps a buffering effect, which other TIs have told me about years ago.

I also got on wrong train this morning and as usual experienced a drop in thought flow blockage and the presence of a one dimensional mind structure. I could recite in my head and felt it was easy to think freely or to receive thought(s) in my 'mind' if you will.
The more into the city that one gets physically the more thought and the free free flow of it seems jammed. This had been documented by me in past posts. This has not changed and during Bush it included a stronger affect and even torture in some sections. I had mapped out the parameters even in one post.
The cause of this is either chemical or technilogical. Most likely the results of both.
I'd say tech defines the parameters due to the drop in suppression of the mind and thought being always the same train stops.

This sounds unbelievable but isn't that what Valerie wolf said about the MK Ultra and radiation experimentees, at the Presidential testimonies? That it sounds "unbelievable"? Nothing concerning mind control and human experimentation is unbelievable unless its disinformation and only those who know what good information consists of can recognize that.

Since the death of Bin Laden there is a marked relief mostly from v2k though this improved a small amount when the trees and other flora came into full bloom recently.
The other improvement has been emotional manipulation as well as anxiety.