“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 28, 2011

USA End Game

The BTD was just here. Arrogant fucks as usual. They helped terrorize me during Bush.

I hate America. I am leaving and I will certainly never return to MA. Getting my address and everything out of here.

I will get this country for destroying my life while working so hard to get that c*ck sucker Obama info office. F*ck Obama and that horrible wife of his. She's such an evil racist bitch who's still pissed she was ugly in college. Oh she must have loved to watch a good looking white woman destroyed.

I hate the Obamas and no longer want to acknowledge him as president. Ironically I and a few other people actually know that in reality he as well as.Bush should never have been elected anyway. If you want a black president elect someone from American African heritage not some African who's part Jew as well. I am totally done with America.

They hate me....thousands of people nationwide hate me and have helped try to destroy me.

Near BU they still give me attitude. Yer gonna pay for supporting that cleptomaniac French slag Jeannette Angelo just becuz she was a BU professor and Julie's best friend. FU B.U. and the neo con scum that was on the board during Bush. And all the asshole BU kids who helped destroy me. You will be exposed for the scum u r. Money doesn't always work for protection. The truth can be very damaging.

Kenmore Sq was by far, and Fenway the worst area for being tortured.

Just called Verizon for some tech issue. Its sick, when they hear my name whoever is on the line immediately acts like they know me. Their tone changes...'oh its just Rachael' type attitude. Don't think I forgot my land lines being messed with at 335 Washington Brighton during Bush. And hearing the staff in the backround laughing at me a few times. I only have this phone out of necessity.
And don't think I don't grasp the full involvement of Verizon. Owning all the cell towers? Thats a pretty interesting position to be in when mass mind contro and the targeting of specific individuals is being pumped out through said towers, at the veneer of the US Military, and such a concept was originally formulated by Satanist Michael Aquino in the Mind War paper.

F*ck you as well Verizon. Yer arrogant as hell and always have been. Bite me. You will also pay for your involvement in destroying my figure, my future, my talent and intelligence and every other TI as well.

One day, they are all gonna pay for what they have done not only to me but to countless other victims.

I hope the USA is happy with the complete idiots left here after everyone first talented, then educated, then the rich and now the smart and dirt poor are even.fleeing.

An intelligent person can only take so much. The newspapers every day are.such blatant lies...its impossible to withstand anymore.

U got yer wish assholes. I will leave this piece of shit and then.of course that means that I wont be able to get a lawyer. But I can't do that anyway as it is now here. So leaving makes no difference.

But I will rally against America anywhere I can everywhere I can. U deserve to fall for what you have done to innocent people. And I hope this place gets reduced to rubble. Only in select places like southern Ill and other small locations around the US is there any active movement against the destruction of our culture and our country. Most people are too brainwashed to even see.what went on.

Im not staying someplace where people don't respect my status as a mind control survivor or a victim witness to such things as my.mother being intimidated out of going to testify being a radiation experimentee. America hates anyone that can expose its corruption. I can't even get health care now.

I refuse to die as a homeless person in the streets of this country being targeted.
Obviously this system still wants me dead.

Ill go to my ancestral countries where I belong, not this total lie. Instead of focusing on Jewish genocide and black slavery why don't you give the Natives their due. Becuz America is no good, evil and full of shit while hiding behind Abrahamic religons.

Enough of being abused by the scum here, having to live among their houseslaves. Im sick of it.

The only decent people are true independent Americans and the rich who can afford to think and act independently and I am kept from that level of society by the disgusting network of bullies that exists in the US.

I no longer have any use for this country it'd never done anything but abuse and exploit me since I was born.

And someday I will make America pay.
And don't pull any melodramatic terrorist predictions becuz I am smarter than you and yer propaganda. Always have been which is why you destroyed me. And I will work towards destroying you for the rest of my life.