“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, May 27, 2011

Time Off From Remote Influence--Holiday Of Course

Today is hot but has been relatively free of insanity inducing remote influence. I was told its a long weekend and its a holiday on Monday so this explains it as usual. Holidays are one of the time frames that many TI's dont get much stalking/harassment or interference from remote influence.

I actually got things done today as well as could think about a plan to fight and gain some victories opposed to being kept in a fog of forgetfulness and diversion.

It seems that the remote influence that keeps TI's really jammed and the masses strapped down to working mode, is lifted when there is some holiday in which they wish people to relax and lay back, probably so they can firstly make money off of the public indulging in these holidays and also the public will really bond to these time frames that are designated to them by this culture as they 'feel' the effects of relaxation, enjoyment and a mode that isnt work mode.

Experiencing this so dramatically since Bush with all thats gone on, I now wonder just how long the public has been psycho civilized like this.
I recall being younger, an evening during Xmas season. I kept getting shocked from elevators etc and this often happened in urban environments during this time of year. I also noted the change in something- in people and in the environment.

I propose that our society has been psycho civilized in a more mild form for years now. The difference seems to be that these new technologies- electromag fields are so disruptive to human beings that people cannot even think anymore on their own. Its THAT intrusive.