“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, May 16, 2011


There really is a war on in this country against anyone not conforming to the NWO even culturally. On this bus out the airport this light African American got right behind me and was basically mobbing my space, I had a few choice words to mumble to myself about the driver being a rude foriegn born jerk. As I stood quietly this jack ass gets right behind me. I could feel this asshole getting so much win out of this so I at least turned around so he was facing my back. I then decided if he was so focused on a psychic win or draining me (which many Afican American males do very well which is why I percieve them as a major threat, blacks emote much more than whites who's energy often seems muted. Not all blacks many seem to be minding their own business psychically but in blue states usually I get this heavily in urban areas. And I wont tolerate it as a tool of racist sexist domination. No MAN is going to own me like that unless he is invited to. White men know better than to Fuck around with a slightly southern European woman like me in this manner. Black males for some reason seem to take my presence as a challenge to dominate. Just becuz Obama is in the white house don't mean u can lay yer mono down wherever the hell you damn well feel like it. And its done really snooty too and sneaky, which coming from a male of our species is enough to register you as dead meat as far as I am concerned. Being sneaky is for females.)

So I used my phone to give him a taste of a brutal black metal band video and watched him in the screen reflection. Of course he was looking at the scren with his little hearty eyes out the corner of his eye all hateful and thinking hes smarter. He finally saw me seeing him and got embrassed, deflected and totallly owned. FAIL.

Its hard to tell if these are law enforcement types on public transport posing as passengers but that would explain why he felt the need to become aggressive even if he expressed it passively. It may also be that gang stalkers are on a bus a TI is on before it arrives or that gs ride buses like the rest of us and know who the local TIs are anyway.

He could also just be a brainwashed New World idiot especially from a wealthy blue state who doesn't like any whites especially poor ones breaking the now carefully crafted social order. A shapely tall white woman dressed like a hippy traveler who may be houseless and who appears to be assertive with a brain in her head is a HUGE threat to this new social order they have formed in this country. Poor whites are a threat to the rich whites who are sponsoring their house slaves so heavily now. Any truly 'real' black person would also be shunned and held in suspicon as well by this type of upwardly mobile black, but to a lesser degree.

Its hard to tell if its a purely social reaction or if its purposeful gang stalking activity.
All I can say is thanks for the existence of Euro black metal bands that wont sell out, hate Hollywood and keep the musical standards high with what sounds like psychotic classical music pieces.

I guess that Steve Martin movie was right...we do have an inborn urge to listen to classical music! It just becomes very unfunny for our enemies when its packed with enough Vril to blow away a small town or energize the spirit of any tired, drained European, with the power of our ancient ancestors.

Remember that next time u think all 'whites' are stupid weak jerks under the rule of.the church or our Judeo christian pop culture. Cuz you'll get owned every time.

They won't wipe out all of us if we use our ancestors to protect us.

Of course right after I put on Rappers Depict..hey. one of the first rap songs I remember. I don't mind I had to get a crash course in black culture by being thrown into the 70s bussing mess from a foster home in the suburbs. Whatever.

But I had enough of blacks pushing me around and being domineering in the 70s and the excuse was that they were backwards ignorant prisoners of.the system. So what's the excuse now, when its done politely or on the sly? I got rich whites always trying run my life, I don't need this bs as well.

These people could simply be gs that come from COINTELPRO that needed alot of African American spies and destroyers in order to infiltrate movements like Black Panthers etc. Who cares?

No one is going to push me around and try to en my life, and certainly the gang stalking situation is NOT going to be defined as a largely African American victimization, there are all kinds of Targeted Individuals. Most mind controlled slaves with high level programming who have come forward are Caucasian females. Human experimentees however seem to come from all backrounds and or course whistle blowers usually get The Treatment.

This could be however, why the gs system tries so hard to drive certain people to being racist or sexist etc. Discrediting anyone they can is always a good thing.