“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The IceMan Inheritance Author Provides TI's WIth More Answers- and Questions

Ohhhh. OOOPS. This article was very interesting and revealing. I now understand why my own theories would get me targeted.


Interestingly he describes my predicament accurately. What is more compelling is the research he did upon infiltrating Neo Nazi/Odinist groups. These groups have played a major role in my being targeted.

However, it seems strange to me that after doing work for the benefits of Jews as in the Neo Nazi research that he would be targeted BY Jews for his first book The IceMan Inheritance.
He himself is Jewish. A true desert Jew not a Russian one.

It always confused me as to why I was being targeted and messed with by what seemed to be Neo Nazi/Satanic/Odinist factions but also Jews themselves. VERY confused.

But I see now that often two opposing parties can have agendas that one singular person is interfering with so they both attack the person. Its still confusing but I'll try to internalize it.

I do NOT agree with how myopic his theories are and how they generalize all Russian Jews, and Caucasians.
Firstly this was written before the discovery that ALL people of non African recent origin have some percentage of Neanderthal DNA.
This includes many people of African DESCENT who have lived among people of European descent either as free men or slaves. If people of African DESCENT took DNA tests and any mixing with Europeans is detected then wouldnt they also have Neanderthal DNA? Also, Latins or 'Hispanics' are decended from Europeans. What we call 'Latin' in America is simply a mix of Native American DNA with Spanish European DNA. Its that simple. Over in Europe, Italians and Spaniards are considered 'Latins' but have NO NATIVE AMERICAN DNA. And some of those EU Spanish people are pretty light due to Europe's own mixing of European cultures.

I dont agree with his attempt to take down all Caucasians and anyone Middle Eastern and the three main religions stemming from this area based on Neanderthal DNA. The racial lines he draws dont make sense. All Native American's DNA is traced back to 6 women who crossed a land bridge now submerged during the ice age from Asia into what we now call Alaska. So how do our 'Hispanics' not have any Neanderthal DNA??

What he suggests is a small amount of science from years ago mixed with the grossly inaccurate racial lines drawn during those years as well.

People are afraid of DNA testing and racial truths. I think becuz people dont want what they have comprimised but I find it exciting. To truly understand our differences would to FINALLY be rid of misunderstandings and mysteries between races and to get on with appreciating each other as HUMAN BEINGS. Only animals act like this. Which means keeping race a mystery is part of the agenda of oppression by power structures.

I may take to certain black people due to them possessing DNA similar to mine. This is nature working for survival. But as a human being, a spiritual entity, I can reach out to people that are totally different than myself using my WillPower to do so. I would still utilize my animal instincts to stay safe and survive if a threat became present.

The hiding of racial truths is obviously on the agenda of money and power simply enough. Which is sad becuz we are coming to a point where we know damn well we all live on the same planet and are capable of communicating with one another.

If this nonsense is true then why are so many little kids into playing with each other and dont seem to notice race? Have you watched children at all? (and no your not a pervert, perhaps like me you just dont have any kids and occasionally like to see or talk to children as they refresh our hope and faith in humanity...which is of course why the gang stalking system uses false accusations: to keep children from our lives. Its also why they murder TI's pets. Children and animals are capable of showing us unconditional love as well as reminding us of innocence.) Yes, some children are racist it seems by nature. Gross generalizations either FOR or AGAINST racism or any particular races has GOT TO STOP.
Pushing the idea that ALL blacks are good and oppressed so PC is a great idea is as dangerous as pushing the idea that ALL blacks are n*ggers and out to destroy you. Both exist within the realm of 'black' people just as there are whites that seem open to other races and those that do not.

I also got from this my last question from the last post, which is that I should NOT publish my book with any sort of quickness, and should make sure its safeguarded before doing so as reading about his publishing nightmares is just what I suspected all along.

NOW, to deal with putting Neanderthal DNA down. Whatever Neanderthal DNA gives any of us that possess it, it cant be totally negative or the intelligent designer known as Nature would not have allowed it to survive. Nature is not out to kill us or out to get us which is how its portrayed in the news ever time some natural disaster occurs (genuine ones, not HAARP induced ones). Nature is trying to run a planet here, like a body works to survive, humans like other animals just happen to be in the way. Sorry but thats the reality of life on earth. If you dont like it, go live in a dome on Mars or the Moon, where there is no fall back system if your man made creation doesnt work out. (so there..good point EH?).

I have always suspected that whatever human experimentation is being done it has to with in part, trying to tap into this Neanderthal DNA, perhaps as part of trying to build the superman. I dont know if anyone can be sure just what realistically 'Neanderthal traits' really are. The author slams Jews for being Russian in nature and reacting with hysteria when upset. Plenty of races or cultures are like that. Do Africans without Neanderthal DNA generally react with calm cool collected reactions and immediately think logically? Not from what I have seen.

I think that there is something to the DNA carrying with it memories and behaviors of Ice people as opposed to what pure Africans possess. The reason that Africa cant get its shit together seems more to be due to white imperialism and exploitation of resources. We would only know what Africa would be like if we had never interfered with thier evolution. They had a civilized culture in many areas of Africa, just look at Amistaad. Its just that the Pagan cultures of Europe had been destroyed long before the African ones.

We also seem to refuse to understand primitive or pagan peoples as complex. Every pagan or native society has some complexity about it as well as something savage in commune with Nature.

What is with this guy's obsessive focus on Khazar Jews? They are not the only people with Neanderthal DNA and they are not the first people in history to be aggressive. Sheesh dude, lay off the people. I am suspect of Zionist intentions and I dont even have a hard on for persecuting ONE group involved in the NWO more than another.

And his theories still dont pan out upon close inspection becuz Neanderthal DNA is found in Middle Eastern people as well as 'Caucasians' which matches up with the theory that we went through the Middle East out of Africa.

This guy's theories dont add up. It sounds like just this campaign against non desert Jews. Also, I have found that many Jews look like a mix of German, Russian and Arab often enough. Youd have to do DNA testing on the entire population of the planet to really figure out what the whole truth is about where people come from. How can he claim that 95 % of Jews have no Arab or Middle Eastern DNA? Has he tested all those people?

I agree that Israel is a pain in the ass and makes trouble all around the world for a dangerous combination of church and state which Americans shouldnt support. Thier religious fairy tales cost lives and are a source of unhappiness to the rest of us who would like to live as evolved adults on this earth (finally) not children under some male father figure. However, one must realize that they would not exist had not other powerful groups and structures have use for them to exist. Israel creates a strategical ally in the Middle East and I am sure this is what it was built for.

And there is something spiritual and peaceful about the Jew, when the culture isnt making trouble or being murderously greedy. I will not pander to theories condemning a RACE of JEWS. This guy should have stayed with his Odinist buddies..oh thats right. He is against them as well by claiming all whites have Neanderthal aggression problems. He might be best off living among Afro Centrists whos theories are often nonsensical- like on Egypt for example.

Believe me, Jews piss me off at times. And there seems to have been major involvement from Jewish factions, neighborhoods and Israelis in my gang stalking campaign. But my campaign is so confusing to me, for all I know they might be protecting me..who the hell knows? There are different groups of 'Jews' who want different things. They infight believe me. And a member of Mossad might disagree with a powerful NY Jewish faction's aims.

What is needed is to find out just what Neanderthal DNA provides us with that is positive or useful as well as to find out what Africans lacking such DNA now have in comparison to those that possess such DNA. If you abuse and manipulate people, you are going to get negative results all around. That seems to be the way of the world- to bring about the most negative results and traits in people. We must consider that as a reality before forming theories about races or groups. I have personally experienced the presence of a faction that causes such chaos, evil and murder domestically that one wonders why humans dont react more violently to this manipulation more often. THAT is what is wrong with the world, not races etc etc.
And it may not even be a good idea to try to do away with this. The dark side strengthens us and helps us grow and picks off the weak. Perhaps its best that humans be realistic about such things and fight or resist accordingly.

Humans are greedy animals. That is what causes these problems. Name me ONE race, country or culture where people have a track record of being totally peaceful and fair to one another consistently throughout thier history- I hear silence becuz there isnt one.

Neanderthal DNA could give people different abilities than others. If some of us have alot of this DNA or its active we may only recognize other people 'like us' most of the time. From what I have read, Neanderthals were very into healing becuz due to thier size they attacked large animals instead of hunting them from afar as modern human ancestors did. They got beat up physically alot. Well, this is positive- healing and nurturing of your own. Also, this may be why some people are stupidly brave to a fault in the context of physical violence or altercation or with animals.

I suspect that there are factions in the shadows that know all about this DNA tendency. It may even be the secret behind issues of mind control slavery and programming. And it might be whats behind the human experimentation perhaps trying to activate this DNA. The movie Altered States which is similar to the experimentation done on many TI's especially those with connections to MK Ultra such as myself through my mother-to isolate, feed hallucinogens, torture, brain damage and force a return to a primitive state. This might be a way to 'activate' this DNA and if you are trying to build a super soldier, this might be of interest.

What I have learned in this ordeal is to be very careful with theories and professing ultimate truths. Hatred and motives we are not aware of can warp the human intelligence into working for those ends instead of for fairness or fact. I KNOW enough to leave these theories as just ideas, until more evidence is found to back them up. I can only suspect and guess.

Just becuz this man has an education doesnt mean hes exempt from paranoia from persecution or otherwise. And there are many holes in his theories, so many I cant believe anyone would take his book at face value. No one race or DNA pool has the corner market on being unjust or cruel or violent. And Middle Eastern people are the fanatical, sexist, male centric ones not Russian Khazars- when is this guy going to stop spinning around and settle down and make sense? If you are focusing on ALL three Middle Eastern religions as an imported problem or as an invading cultural force that has proven detrimental to other cultures outside the Middle East, what does Russian Khazars have to do with it?? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE MIDDLE EAST WHEN DID WE SWITCH TO RUSSIA????

Also, many cultures have Neanderthal DNA outside Africa. Why is just ONE GROUP THE FOCUS???

Ill tell what this guy did its simple. He created a cross section of a Middle Eastern religion with one of the cultures of a race that has Neanderthal DNA and has focused on THAT CROSS SECTION. Which has little to do with the original complaint which is concerning Middle Eastern religions infiltrating outside cultures.

This book is dangerous becuz its full of shit and is constructed like a house of cards. Its racism which is ironic as it claims to explain away racism.

There are human beings who lived through the Ice Age and here we are and there are human beings that existed in Africa and didnt leave in a mass exodus and here they are. It seems pretty simple and the world needs to focus on staying out of being deceived right now not more of this. What we are forgetting is the element of being HUMAN, which is to be a willful spiritual entity. DNA is great but one can work around that or with it with the spirit within.

Whats most frightening is his claim that two powerful members of politics based thier foreign policy on this book. Are we talking HW Bush or W Bush. Both made insane presidents and due to whatever DNA THEY possess, perhaps Nero's I dont know but whenever a Bush gets near the white house some sh*t blows up and a war starts. Perhaps they have super-souped-up-mega-Neanderthal DNA..becuz aggression seems to follow the Bushes, strangely they dont react with hysteria when cornered. The father reacts with cold calculation and the son stammers, goes blank and comes out with nervousness to cover for his criminal activities.

If you meet someone who can bestow on us why certain people are the way they are, let me know. Why are Jews this way or that? Why did they really leave the old country thousands of years ago? What is thier true nature? Why are Romani people that way? Why did they have to exodus India and wander the world? Why are blue eyed people from certain cultures non demonstrative and calculating? Why do blacks run the gamut of being more overtly violent than most Europeans allow to be publicly seen or they have such gentle healing energy that whites benefit from thier very presence?


This book is a deception. It assists no one in the quest to discover how to improve our planet. And it creates a new race of people to shun and persecute: Neanderthal DNA expressers. People who carry the DNA but express it more readily than others. With the newest discovery that probably all people outside of Africa posses such DNA its going to be a totally different outcome now theory wise.

Its interesting that even before this new finding, that this book was accepted though it must have been obvious even then it was focusing on a cross section of people created by the author. What is more amusing is the way the Jews made money off of it but ensured he didnt get a dime...now that IS what I would expect. But this time thier antics provide amusement as it seems just considering what the theory is attempting.

What is of more interest to me is the work he did on Odinistic/Neo Nazi groups. Strangely that is more connected to the Bush administration than any other portion of his work. Which one should also find suspect. Those groups had an absolute field day during Bush. SATANIC Neo-Nazi Odinists at that.

What I wouldnt give to see those papers with my own eyes..! They didnt seem to be "pushed underground" during Bush but being given a spotlight and free reign.