“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, January 28, 2011

Text By Post Harassment In Central Sq Cambridge MA

-Perps coming out rite now while panhandling. Central sq canbridge c.V.S (4:35 pm)

-They stopped and i done now (4:58 pm)

(Two black guys mid 30's or so from around Central Sq way walked by me and one said "that one has no rights at all, like ----- think ---- supposed to" and the other one quietly said "what that one right theea?" and they did the whole arrogance thing. It seems they keep trying to get me into some sort of mind controlled state where I eventually go with a black male. I have been beaten down so many times with that ideation and on occasions it was done so heavily that it became totally obvious it was from an outside force not from anything internal. And what I did to counter it showed that to be a reality as well. There is a good reason that white or race resistance or supremacist groups in MI and other states have either assisted me or have told me that "Well at least you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers". Firstly whats interesting is that she knew that was going on. Secondly, what forces could be so great in the USA where black Americans have such resources to be chasing me around the country when in fact they are still portrayed as in need of assistance constantly? Is it black gangs in the military, or what? What faction has that much money that they can have that much power in the USA while still crying poor mouth? I think that Americans are very naive as to where all the money goes that black gangs, now full blown syndicates is going as well as thier special relationship to the military, the CIA and the other organized crime groups in order for them to do business as they do.

Unfortunately, from the reality I have seen, how much man power they have and how much money they seem to have at their disposal. If not that, they certainly have an entire huge network. Its probably just an arm of the govt and it probably hails back from the underground railroad days and it stayed in place to be used as intelligence or spying or what have you.

That isnt what disturbs me. What does is that in at least two separate cities on opposite coasts [SD Cali and Somerville/ Cambridge MA] I have experienced what seems like suggestion from mind control tech being used to push a pro African American agenda. In both instances it was being pushed that I become involved with black men intimately. I am very picky as to what I like sexually and it isnt black males. Its strictly blondes with blue eyes or Italians. No red heads, no blacks and a bunch of other kinds of men that dont fit my preferences.
This particular campaign as part of an entire behavior modification campaign seems to be using systematic e-rape or virtual rape along with complex psychological manipulations and the use of black males sexualizing humiliation while making contact with me as gang stalking perps to slowly wear me down into being brainwashed and coerced into becoming a girlfriend or wife of a black man. One example of this is that alot of the torture and harassment stopped and I felt at peace or a sense of no activity the one time I took a ride from a black trucker while hitchhiking. Once I was seen as being with this black male I noted that I felt not only inactivity from the system but I also felt reward given somehow that I finally took this route of action. As if I finally had taken some space or place where the system felt I belonged. Of course I was only getting a ride from this guy like all my rides. My trucker friends are old school guys that dont want to see anything happen to me and I am strictly NON commercial. Everyone can think what they want it matters little when the whole story comes out anyway.

I immediately sensed this was very dangerous considering it was brainwashing and not my own Will being done. I also discovered he was a perp, at least a trucker perp- one of those guys that messes with people on the CB and starts trouble. This is what also made me believe more in my theory that the trucker subculture has been destroyed by covert warfare and operatives causing chaos, such as ruining the CB culture. I have seen one of these jerks first hand and it is very insane what they are doing on that radio and its also very interesting that he was a vet from the US military. And it was all based on his resenting racism. He told me that after he showed me how crazy he was, which of course was after he asked me if I was into black men and I said flat out no, no way and dont ask or f*ck around with that notion again. Interesting how he exhibited all the sure signs of MPD or at least DID. The man that dropped me off due to my rejecting him in that restaurant was NOT the nice person who picked me up in his cab earlier that day. Total personality change. Could they be programming people say, in the military to come out and be total perps for the NWO? Its certainly a far out theory but with what many of us have seen concerning thier experiments on mind control, anything truly is possible.

So when I posted that first text the harassment was starting like it usually does in Central Sq with of course a black male presence and then lots of people doing very subtle stuff usually to make me feel out of place. That area is saturated with more perps than I have ever seen anywhere, other than say, St Louis MO and they were very overt.

While in SD Cali the mind control content I received in relation to the African American agenda had something to do with forcing feelings of sympathy concerning trying to get me to accept that blacks have had it harder than anyone else and in order to 'help' them, we all must sacrifice something. That the world will be a better place and wont I just give into this concept? It was reminiscent of the same pitch one gets off of an add for starving children, THAT kind of quick reach for the heart strings and pull while confusing one with other content sort of manipulation. I firmly put my Will forward emotionally and mentally and even went to an extreme by using slurs and concepts of racism that seemed to not only drive off that drivel but in fact caused a sort of sad feeling for whoever was perpetrating the ideation. As well as some healthy fear from whoever was on the other end as they realized that not everyone is easily brainwashed by the mind control that is now floating through the air, attacking our psyches in public spaces. I was on a bus for x's sake. Sitting on a damn bus and I have to listen to this bs, while I sleep outside in SoCal? WTF was that? I think I have sacrificed enough by now just to preserve my own truth and seek justice or at least revenge. And still they want to take more. I suppose they believe someone so beat down is going to be easily swayed. They dont understand that I am in the situation I am in due to NOT being beat down, due to refusing to be beat down and accept circumstances or thier lies.

If I am going to assist blacks in the homeless scene I am going to do so becuz they are family as homeless people not becuz they are black.
There is good reason that I feel more safe and secure in the middle of Roxbury than I ever will in Central Sq Cambridge. Becuz in the thick of a black neighborhood first of all people know how to mind thier own business pretty well. Secondly, they dont have whites to toy with and torment also they dont have rich whites tormenting them so there is no sick cycle of abuse based on hierarchy. And lastly they arent skulking around working for the rich white man's agenda by harassing his enemies or keeping his slaves or b*tches under control. Only in Cambridge MA could black people express their disloyalty to themselves and thier class allies as well as be such tools for the white elite agenda. I dont use the N word in Roxbury and thats not becuz I am afraid to get beat up its becuz I am not being f*cked with by houses slaves and that's all that seems to exist in Central Sq. What do you expect being in between Harvard and MIT?
They have been one of the most viscous places in the entire USA to me consistently and insist on continuing to jeopardize my mission and my prime directive with thier eternal dedication to thier white masters in city hall, the state house, the police station and the mob.

Never gonna happen. I dont want to marry or go out with a black man.
And due to this I appeal and ask for continued assistance from the powers that be who have assisted me thus far in staying true to my Will.
SOMEONE helped me today just based on those texts.
Maybe they think if they lean on me enough I'll go back to the adult entertainment industry and they can pimp me out or something. Well if that did ever happen I am afraid that there would be one less black pimp in the world very soon after.

I know that the perps read this blog especially to get ideas to fine tune the harassment. That little group at St Patricks is a testament to that. The reason I dont care is that nothing they do can break through a preset ideal I am trying to manifest into reality as well as simply my Will. They can only divert me and screw with my environment. While they suck energy off of me every time they feel they hurt me somehow. I actually recently observed a female go through the process of changing her hairstyle to something sexier as many male perps have done with getting mohawks after feeling they got to me or became handlers somehow. Its a tribal sign that they have power of the Target as well as if the TI is sexy they are sucking some off that off the person for themselves. Usually its people who are very unsexy and plain to begin with. This is more of an indication of the nature of these people as thieves in every sense of the word. If its anything to do with attempts at actual cult ritual I am going to laugh my ass off. Its so lame and easy to figure out as a symbol.

You have to understand that the people who are doing this are the same people in charge of slavery world wide in different countries in different incarnations for thousands of years. They know exactly what they are doing to achieve these predictable results.

Whats difficult is a few minutes later a huge scary black dude asks me directions, which may or may not have been part of the set up. He looks genuine. You can tell society has reduced him down to nothing for fear of him being a threat due to his size and his 'blackness'. He is more nervous and shy than a man his size should be.
Its then that you realize the fact you forgot in your previous interaction: that the blacks that act out as intimidation are more like thier slavemaster's were or slave handlers for the Man than they are truly 'black men' in society. The truly oppressed black man is shunned or nervous about just walking down the street. He is nervous, shy, and unfortunately living in a skin and hailing from a culture that has so many dirt bags and sell outs that he will never get a fair chance unless he knows how to kiss up to the system or was born with advantages.

Its frustrating to have to deal with Tweedle Dee and Tweeedle Dum who act more like Massa James than genuine true members of an oppressed culture and then deal with a genuinely nice person who seems also targeted by society for being big, scary and not able to kiss up.
And there is always something more Southern about perps like Tweedle Dee and Dum. It reminds me of my grandfather form Louisiana. The slow movements, the way the intimidation is pulled off, the way its done with slow moving mind control not really fast thinking like REAL Yankees. I often perceive that blacks who seem to have southern ways even if it registers as generations back are perhaps better at this kind of brainwashing. I can often even perceive these kinds of blacks as southern white men in a way. It may be that they have the DNA in them of thier own original oppressors, which then means that I am dealing with a connection to some of the worst and most brutal perpetrators of slavery known in the USA not to mention genocide of Native tribes. I have considered this for years when being harassed by blacks. There is something too familiar about their actions, thier body build, thier facial expressions and the way its done all molasses slow and sugary that is distinctly NOT Yankee.
Blacks up north do not respect the white man but they do to a point in Boston as the system is set up that way here. So I can only assume they are acting on behalf of a white, rich entity or some other faction that has power in this area that is not black based.

I can also now safely say that there is something to my theory about blacks who come from down south in thier ancestry being distinct from blacks from the north and this is something one needs to consider when being targeted heavily by blacks. Especially if you are a female TI and the perps are usually male and thier goal is to hypnotize and mind control you into submission either sexual or other wise.

Race would not be such an issue in the gang stalking campaigns but with such outrageous attempts at pushing agendas through mind control technologies as well as making sex become something used as temptation to gain control not only over my Will but over me as a TI it has to be brought up. Other TI's have completely different circumstances. Others may have the same cons going on that I do in my own campaign.
It makes me wonder- how many women who are with black males actually did not do so of thier own Will? If you go with another race becuz you WANT TO and that is your true personal taste I have no problems with it, as this was so years ago. However, when something is being marketed to you in youth via culture especially mind control through media and then there is evidence that this can be done via actual mind control tech...thats just too much. Talk about a conspiracy! Another one that no one is going to believe. OH WELL its not my job to care about what people think of me as a victim, a target or an author. Too much has happened to me for me to care.

I honestly think its for the benefit of all races, sexes etc for this info to come out no matter how its received. Humans, ALL HUMANS deserve to have their own Wills to make decisions, not brainwashing to create some crazy perfect world order. THAT is what is crazy.