“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Post By Text- Lost it in Central Sq again

-Lost it in Central Square again. I am often disturbed by the black male immigrants working the cashier jobs now in Central and Harvard (just that one CVS near liquor store. The north Africans in the 7-11 are wonderful to me and the foriegn kid in the CVS across from that reflects the sunny attitude of whatever culture he is from.)
-Dnt know what part of africa or haiti
-They from but piss me off 2 no end. Too nosy and attempt 2 gain dominance by direct looking in2 females eyes.
-Alot of black American males in central sq r also 2 nosy and attempt this shit but 1 good hard look lets them know they r not welcome.
-This only happens in central sq. Cambridge and @ 1 store in harvard sq! The rest of the city of boston seems 2 know how 2 mind their own business
-This is also why i lose my composure in central as opposed 2 any other location. And i get very nasty there usually. Very aggressive.

Unfortunately its the only place I can go to get services I need in this weather. Which is why I never should have stayed here into the snow. But breaking the bonds of remote influence is almost impossible without resources. And the more tired you are the more u r going to act out and sound like a psycho or mentally ill or just complaining.