“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Might Have Been Dosed While Typing This @ MIT/ Efforts Being Blocked By Remote Influence in the Area

I dont know how to do this. How to I get a lawyer and what lawyer is going to help me with such huge enemies and no money or connections?

But I keep getting ideations to get a lawyer. Its like yet another ploy to keep me in this area instead of leaving due to bad weather and moldy shelters. To ruin my health and break me down even more. Becuz as long as I stay here in this season I am at the mercy of the shelter system as well as within the city limits I am targeted so hard now that I am exhausted all the time and am experiencing things like my tooth cavitation flaring up daily as well as scary things happening to my heart. Its also due to a lack of vitamins becuz i cant take anything now from that allergic reaction induced by Bactrim.

I can feel my teeth getting worse and worse and it seems directly connected to remote influence tech in this area. And during the school year at Harvard the remote influence is much worse than in the summer where its actually comfortable, which of course explains the heavy gang stalking presence of in person harassment in the summer in that area.

I keep getting this idea that if I leave now it will break up what I am trying to do like get a lawyer when in fact staying here I get very little done due to the circumstances here I cannot control.

I dont know why every year I come back here I get stuck due to old memories and unfinished business and somehow I believe if I stay long enough I can get closure.

Im good at traveling but I always get stuck in a place that is not convenient seasonally. Then I end up having to run out in the cold or the heat. Yeah, today I can make sense of this but thats becuz its Sunday and there is little remote influence in the Boston/Cambridge area on Sundays and I have documented this for months now as a consistent pattern. Perhaps by tomorrow I'll be able to stick to my plans but by Wednesday I'll have turned to confused and mush only able to sleep as much as possible or focus on eating to feel better. I have got to go just and I have got to learn to be disciplined even under any and all circumstances to stick to a tight schedule of North in Summer and South in Winter unless I can get housed somewhere with people I can trust which I cant see happening.

Its hard to live in that other alter and make friends only to have to leave. Becuz really I should be in a stable life by now and I know it so I get attached to people and really just want to stay put and relax and get this taken care of once and for all. If I cant get justice then I want to put my story out to screw whoever f*cked with me. Everyone can stick thier nose in the air all they want and pretend that I will forever be systematically ignored I KNOW that expose is going to do some damage no matter how much the people at risk try to ignore it or supress it.

I also want to find a program that trains, educates and assists poor Americans trying to get the hell out of here becuz I promised myself I would NOT be here if Romney gets in due to he and his family members being involved during the federal investigation years and his being favored by Bush. When remote influence is heavy I attempt to do research on such a program and end up either forgetting or feeling its heavy weight and overwhelming and then get confused or forget and just cannot get it up to get that done. And its obvious from being targeted.

(just now a fragrant smell came into the computer area. I did not see any women around who may be passing perfumed. There is a new female librarian behind the desk but I also feel dumbed down and now unable to think as deeply. As of moments ago when contact was made with that smell I became aware of a change in my conshusness. I now notice that i am forgetful and have lost my train of thought. I did the best I could to use a kerchief or breath on my coat but it was just too late and I am not leaving the computer. Like I have posted repeatedly when there isnt any tech to manage targets there are other means used. And there is no way they can harass me in this library as its not built conveniently for that and they wont tolerate it in here either.
GS is basically a three point system. In person harassment, chemical warfare/mind control used and remote influence through technologies. And occasionally as during the heavy harassment during Bush there is some contact with individual human beings in person that is psychic warfare. Its very infrequent and its really obvious as well. But just stick by the first three as a point of reference.

I can no longer remember what I was going to write about next or what the whole big picture was about. It could have been delivered by someone walking by behind me very easily. During Bush they used spray bottles outright to deliver chemical warfare. The effects of what I just came into contact now is a general dumbing down of the mind as well as bringing on a slight depression or even a lack of feeling. Its all about taking away depth. No deep or complex mental processes, no deep emotional inner dimensions.

The lobotomy continues I guess. And this area is infamous for doing that anyway. It used to happen all the time at BU library as well as in Kenmore Sq. Its documented somewhere.

I have to stay logical and also reason that it may be some chemical in that fragrance affected me adversely and it may have been happenstance but I am just very chemically sensitive due to having to be around mold here lately due to snow.)