“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cover Stories

Recently I overheard what I believe is the running cover story and has been for years. I am more annoyed than relieved at how much of my life has been destroyed by simply lacking data. By keeping me from information its been easy for the system and system to isolate me and keep me from the truth. Is so devious to let the rest of the outside world in on a cover story but not allow the TI to know. Which makes it easy to keep the person from defending themselves.

Two kids the other day got into it with me over something. One kid started to say "Yer the dumb one.." and his friend stopped him by getting in front of him and basically telling him not to tell my anything more. Which means people either believe I am indeed crazy and its not cool to reveal that to me or they are covering for the crime gangs involved who's years of work would be screwed if I knew what went down.

I got it on film and was pissed. After all this hard work your average person still doesnt get what gang stalkikng is about nor how its connected to things that make it impossible to get out of easily. I couldnt have had anymore control over my situation than I do now.

So over the years the cover story seems to be the same as today.
I think the story line is that my ex boyfriend drove me crazy either to get me out of the way so he could move on or due to something I was doing in my private life that hurt him somehow socially and or personally.

Thats it. That is all I have been hearing over the years. My ex had me driven crazy.

Can you believe that? People really are that stupid and oppressed in the US. They believe that someone like Jake would have that much power.
And there is no mention of my former associate having to be protected during a federal investigation as well as her clients so that rendering me mentally ill even temporarily makes me testimony or anything I said privately to be used against me or others to testify against anyone-null and void.

People actually believe that a campaign of this magnitude could be caused by some two bit rich kid from Newton.
This started in 1996 after my mother got harassed out of going to the Pres Advisory Commitee as a radiation experimentee. It also could have been done under the guise of a growing federal investigation, perhaps with the 2005 federal busts being rooted in long time survaillence and harassment. Perhaps this harassment was corrupt FBI or other factions who wanted to assist in discrediting me knowing that an investigation of such magnitude was going to go down later in the years. Of course the deeper and main motivation is to cover up for me being programmed and an RA survivor.

Let me tell you something. In order to do something this destructive, one has to have the OK from top levels. This is why it was gotten away with during Bush. Technically in some ways it was legal.