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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wow. What Time Seems to Do For Black Metal Bands

Hmm. Always wondered about this.

If one looks at certain black metal acts pre 2001, one can plainly see that though they had talent, technical ability or produced powerful energy prior in thier careers, the powerful almost omnipresent energy that they seem to possess at the change of the millenia is compelling. These acts seem to have gained more than just perhaps an ally in an administration that also supported facism as well as contained many Nazi sympathizers or persons who's family lines could be traced back to documented support of Nazi concepts (Prescott Bush), ideals and projects. Lets not forget Project Paperclip and MK Ultra are both rooted in Nazi human experimentation.

These specific bands are not only overtly Satanic in nature, they also contain one or more members who support Nazism. And they are of course, the ideal Aryan race to begin with being Nordics and much of thier belief systems seems intertwined with that outlook.

They also hail from a very oil rich country which most people dont know provides them independence in world affairs. Much like Bush's oil rich Texas with its lone star, has such independence in US affairs and an attitude to match. Their govt system supports artists unlike the American system. Varg Vikernes of Burzum fame, (who was involved in an unfortunate violent incident with associates of his that is mostly all he is known for),his father worked for Saddam Hussein and he claims to have lived overseas in that area as a child.

Specifically Gorgoroth and to a lesser extent Urgehal had suddenly and magically gained immense power as well as very good work during this period as far as getting attention and promoting thier careers. In a review of Urgehal's Goat Craft Torment, the critic actually states that someone in the studio seemed to have magically all of a sudden "gotten it right this time" becuz they didnt seem to have this quality before. They are also probably more sexist than the other acts, if thats possible and this is mentioned in the same review. It starts out by saying many people perceive of this band as just a bunch of misogynist rich kids trying to make the scene:

"This Is Satanic Black Metal - 81%
Written by Str8Hate on November 18th, 2006:

Many critics view Urgehal as a bunch of misogynist/sadomaschistic, violent adolescents who in order to gain some attention went to the great extremes of forming a "kvlt" band whose image (and music?) would shock the boots from under many folks' feet. And while their lyrical themes do in fact revolve around such abhorrent symbolism, the truth is far from that. To merely view Urgehal's members as copycats or "scene" kids hounding the cliche is more of an underestimation. This demonic alliance existed ever since Trondr Nefas and Enzifer formulated it back in 1992..."

"The production of 'Goatcraft Torment' is truly crisp and the mixing premium. It seems that Agonia Records' really did a great job this time. Somehow the listener is able to identify the source of each note no matter whether it's playing in the background or foreground. And inspite of such clean production, the recording still sounds as raw and malefic as any good Black Metal album should. Even Torgersbr├ąten's bass is clearly audible, a feat which would've been technically impossible to achieve a decade earlier."
They also got to tour America for the first time and enjoyed much success during this period.


No one can say this about Gorgoroth. Thier earlier work is just as amazing as their later work. Listening to it for the first time I was in awe that people from this genre were not more famous for thier music and talent as they work many times harder than your average musician in other genres as well as thier work sounds like intricate classical music. I discovered later that Hall of the Mountain King one of my favorite classical pieces from Grieg, was a composer from the same area as many of these bands specifically Gorgoroth..the sound is much the same to my untrained ear. The energy is more what I noted, its very similar.
Many American acts or metal acts that are popular seem to stop and turn back where this band wasnt afraid to tread.

Bands like KISS suck majorly and are weak to death in comparison to how much energy is produced by this genre. I would get annoyed when people would say they were trying to be like KISS. Just goes to show you can market crap in the US to the detriment of real unbelievable talent. If you do a bit of research into history which of course I did, you will find that in ancient Germanic paganism there are ghost warriors or warriors thats supposedly come back from the dead that would wear very much the same get ups and make up to play the role of these folk or myth characters. Its similar to ancient Romans wearing wolf skins in the military to bond to the myth of Rome descending from Romulus and Remus who were born of a She Wolf.
This would explain how so much geniune human energy is whipped up by these rituals and making this music with such theatrics. And I believe I read that part of their modernization of the pagan belief system is that people die and return to be soldiers of Satan which is in line with the old pagan belief system. So much for trying to imitate KISS. They arent Scandinavian as far as I know..far from it actually.

However, this band is hardcore. The guitarist claims to be Satan's minister here on earth. So who cares right?

Its the ties to Nazism and Satanism as well as the ideal Aryan race idea. Hitler's new world order was to be a Germanic order. The people in office during Bush if not Bush's family themselves were not only supporters of these activities, but all along since Project Paperclip, MK Ultra and other human experimentation seem to have been supported as well by the same factions. Helms of the CIA destroyed MK Ultra documents to ensure no one knows what the scope of the damage is or if there is a chance the projects were continued privately.
There are also questionable ties between Michael Aquino who is at once an officer of special forces in the US Army but also the former High Priest of the Temple of Set and one of its orginal members, his offshoot from the Church of Satan. His expertise in the military was psychological warfare.
He gets much attention for many connections to RA and other parts of the puzzle but here one is only concerned with his intense interest in Nazism specifically the occult end of it and that includes ritual as well as Satanism.
We are now dealing with the possibility of connections between Satanic black metal bands capable of very powerful ritual through music, with much Nazi concepts and ideologies, then connected to Satanic military factions that are Nazi sympathizers or include this in thier philosophies and the Nazi root of Project Paperclip, MK Ultra etc and ultimately the technologies that make psy ops possible in thier most deadly or torturous capacities.
I dont know of anyone more fond of promoting rape and torture than hardcore Satanists and especially brutal Norsk black metal bands. Its even spelled out with those words in many lyrics of theirs.
The link to the military is what I am interested becuz they indeed not only have such toys but also a history of torture under Bush administration as well as the pentagon has a habit of misplacing millions of dollars or claiming its black budget in interest of nation security. Hmmm..

Many of these bands seem to have gotten very powerful and even began to get exposure through a documentary done by a photographer who put out a coffee table type photo book on the subject as well.

Before I continue lets get some facts straight that are never mentioned:
Firstly, Norway is a country where the perception is that church and state are not seperated. Everyone is basically supposed to be a Lutheran Protestant and up until recently the church had a heavy hand in people's lives. If you think about it, these bands are so fierce not just due to vikings in general having a history of force and brutality in thier nature, but they are essentially terrorists against an oppressive governement which no one seems to point out alot in documentaries or otherwise. This is also a culture that always held onto resentment of the church's interference in thier country which is totally understandable considering the history of the Catholic and other church's corruption and interference or influence into human world affairs if not heavy handed social control over populations. They dont call it the Dark Ages for nothing.
Secondly, when churches were burned by these factions in the 90's and beyond there was loss of human life. That is also never mentioned. These weren't terrorist acts of lower risk where just property damage was done.
Thirdly, in the documentary the lead singer, Gaal who during this period was a strong Nazi sympathizer had a history of raging on people with a force that only a programmed, compartmentalized person could appreciate. The documentary has in it one witness who speaks of Gaahl having multiple victims and also that they were sick for many years beyond the immediate assaults on them.
It was also a joke among the ignorant that he was a vegetarian due to it being seen as in conflict with the bad ass image of his role as lead singer in such a band as well as his solo projects. However if one reads up on the Vril societies and thier belief systems one will understand that being an eater of only living foods gains one only living energies.
Its not too far a reach at that point to go to other substances for sustanence that would gain one life energy.

In another interview it was mentioned by a different member who is more interested in Satanism than Nazism it would seem that the American Church of Satan was not for him as it has alot of circuses..like fun and games they like to play. Wonder what was meant by that?

So lets start early on:

Gorgoroth - Gorgoroth
Uploaded by Cannibal-poulpe. - Watch more music videos, in HD!
The tech ability is there but the energy is very different and weaker compared to 2001 and later.

Than enter Gaahl as lead singer:

Doesnt look much like his later incarnation does he? Weak, scrawny but the nastiness is certainly there.

This vid came out just around the time of the height of the war. I always thought it was meant to rep alot of the killing and torture during this era:

And interestingly the guitarist as well as other members look not only beefier and more powerful in general but the guitarist looks much less 'metal' and much more like an American rock musician..perhaps one that we are all familiar with already.

The band continued to gain momentum especially after Beste's work. The power of the video above taken in 2001 shows the amount of raw power they seemed to be able to produce and wield at that time, and for years thereafter.

The band later had much difficulty and much of it due to Gaahls temper and the guitarist being involved in a rape charge. Granted these could be set ups or targeting as they must have many enemies in not only the Jewish factions but the Christian ones as well. The bands seperate incarnations were never as power producing as this line up.

Its also interesting to note that Burzum's philosophies, innocently betray a plan to enslave man kind while certain other black metal bands from this scene have written lyrics (that they suddenly refused to publish as of around 2001 or so) that specifically state ideas along these lines like mentioning the actual year 2003 with the phrase "enslave mankind". Hmph.

I am not a hater of this music. in fact it kept me going for many years. But this puzzle must be solved