“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, December 31, 2010

Virtual Handlers, Diana Napolis and Star Market Cambridge

I cant stay here but the influence here keeps manipulating me into staying.

Went into Star Market in Cambridge, near Central Sq which by the way is one of the worst places for remote influence I have ever been in as far as a store or falsely created, insular indoor environment is concerned. Thier logo is an upside down 5 pointed star so go figure. They were always popular in Jewish areas I believe so could be pro Israel- CIA/Mossad friendly dont know.

It has gotten so bad in there that I actually have filmed while in there just to get it down but also to see if that changed any of the conditions.

During the summer I could not go in that store without within minutes, starting to act out with either talking to myself or singing along with my mp3. I also felt very intimidated by thier security system, the cameras in dark bubbles on the ceiling. Its one of those places where one gets the feeling that someone is definitely watching through those bubbles. Like a network of something.
I countered this by filming very conspicuously with my video camera and documenting that I felt I was being hit with someone unnatural that made me act out in the same way every time I entered this building and patronized this business.

Lately it has not affected me the same way but I still feel very very watched but recently I feel its very Truman Show-ish, with an audience watching. Mostly famous people which is actually a frequent problem.
I feel judged and there is a definite interface of some kind.

At the checkout tonight I was obviously depressed as I have been for days now, this being New Years Eve one of the few holidays I actually like in the year, the other two being Halloween and my personal birthday (Ive read this is very typical for RA survivors). I got the ideation very distinctly and it was very much introduced from an outside force, that its just desserts as I had spent so many New Year's Eves young, beautiful and having a very good time in the past.
That I needed to have this happen to learn what it was like for less attractive, socially connected or smart or talented people and what they experience in life like having a bad New Years Eve. That this would make me a better person that I needed this to happen.

I then got a very vague, murky and quick flash of Gene Simmons and was given the idea, sort of like it was from him, that I was going to be somewhat famous soon.

Believe me if I thought this was mental illness driven I would be the first one to take medication due to wanting to get my life together and move on.

The reason I do not is that it is so obvious its tech driven as this only happens in certain buildings with tech systems in place like survaillence or security or certain distinct areas of a town or city. And each time I frequent that specific location I get THE SAME RESULTS EVERY TIME, or results on the same KIND of activity. For example this summer my mood and most likely other biochemical state was very different than now due to season, also I have no other travelers around me now and home bums, even the youngish ones are usually depressing as hell and not as freethinking or into taking action to get things done or amuse one's self. So I am very depressed due to social reasons and season.
So my reaction to the stimuli in this location (Star Market Cambridge) is different becuz my outside circumstances and other factors are different. But the fact that I get any stimuli at all that makes me react in any way has NOT changed and it is still only in occurence when I enter that establishment until the moment I leave.

Also I do not want to take medication due to obviously my recent allergic reaction condition where I cant take any pills at all and can only eat certain foods.

Also after being exposed to mold and being made so sick by mycotoxins my body seemed to react to medicines in unpredictable ways alot of them negative so psych meds are not an option.

Even if I wanted to take them to stop the affects of what I KNOW or by logic one could deduct are the effects of gang stalking syndrome, brain damage and tech being used to induce such effects, I cant now due to health issues where medication is not very very dangerous.

I am actually severely depressed due to what seems like the allergic reaction condition as when I have a more severe and prominent reaction, I feel normal and 'alive' again as I did before my original anaphylactic shock due to Bactrim in Dec 09.

The being 'haunted' by celebrities or other prominent people is something I dont write about as it seems like the best way to look totally nuts instead of targeted. However I believe this is a mechanism of the induced Truman Show Syndrome that many TI's talk about.

I also note that in the past it was attempted by commenters mostly on YouTube to accuse me of being an erotomaniac. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erotomania

The reason I also do not believe this is true is that erotomaniacs often truly believe thier delusions and act on them, whereas I have never stalked anyone. Also I have never had the delusion that anyone famous was in love with me but I note that this system (between the times of 6am and 12 midnight) pushes celebrities prominently in its content.

The purpose of this is to not only make the person seem dangerous and a possible stalker but note that many lone shooters acted on being erotomaniacs or to impress a person of fame. The guy that shot Reagan (with ties traceable to Bush of course) said he did so to impress Jody Foster.

This is a very dangerous area and its so cliche with people snapping, lone shooters and stalkers that its obviously a mechanism of targeting either Survivors of mind control projects or programming who the system wants to use one last time as well as get rid of- permanently.

Also note that Diana Napolis was driven to insanity most likely by being targeted and driven to stalk and harass Michael Aquino as well as after that start targeting celebrities who she believed were involved in her campaign on some level.
Diana Napolis was a Ritual Abuse councillor who was outspoken about discovering these crimes early on in the 90's.

Why she did not understand this is standard psychological warfare by a system such as military or otherwise with unlimited resources and trained to have NO CONSCIENCE at all I do not know. Perhaps she had no military experience or family backround as well as the time frame was early on in this war so the system was obviously smoking out its potential targets with a false campaign of discovery, therapists coming forward and eventually leading to the Pres Advisory Committee which tied up and ended the human experimentation end of the issue, then the False Memory Foundation disredited RA survivors and thier memories which tied off that avenue.

Picture it like a little pond with various waterways coming out of it. The objective is to block off each waterway in or out so that the water is then totally contained and unable to be accessed. that body of water IS the reality of RA, human experimentation, programming and mind control projects as well as the use of technologies domestically and abroad and they'd be screwed if anyone should put the whole puzzle together.

What I experience first hand is the methods that are used to make people go insane, to discredit whistle blowers, to make people snap and act out as lone shooters, suicides, stalkers etc.

What prevents me and should assist other Targets is the clue of it obviously being technology. Why would true mental illness depend on location or time frames? What mental illness now has a schedule? And its something that the psychiatry people cannot explain away but I bet you they will sure enough try at some point and if it doesnt make sense they will shove it down society's throat.

Also note that this system of ghost like entities (supposedly celebrities or other people) interacting with the Target serves as a powerful conditioning tool of call/return, rewards etc.

Famous or important people come to replace the real people that used to be in the Target's life. Those people were important to the Target but now the system holds them in isolation from their old meaningful ties and society in general so replaces that social support system with important people from the culture the TI is in.

This is often used in the context of a Truman Show like scenerio and sometimes its not so defined as such.

the idea that the person is being watched at all times provides a strong control over the person. being watched all the time takes away privacy and we know from reading history that is one of the key ways to control a person especially with brain washing tactics or torture.

The idea is to have these 'important' people teach and care for the TI in replacing the real people in thier lives that should have been doing so. then the person is less anxious about being in contact in such a manner with strangers becuz often Americans feel that celebrities are strangers that we know or are at least familiar with.

What this sounds very much like is the Asian popularity of pets made up of technology that people are charged with caring for or a game like Farmville where one cares for virtual pets, except its other way round where virtual people care for a real person. Any system that uses technology to train the population such as Farmville is totally capable of a more sinister use of such methods and technologies.

By the way this process does not occur in every city and it does not occur when I am with other people only when I am alone. It usually occurs in big cities like Cambridge, San Diego,etc. Boston to an extent but not so much. This did not occur at all during the much more active harassment during the Bush years.

Note also that Diana Napolis had many of the exact same thoughts that other TI's have. What mental illness is THAT in detail in its specific 'delusions'? Its obviously a well used and time tried system that psychological warfare victims are subjected to.

Its very doubtful that Gene Simmons has access to some secret satellite hookup where he and other bored rich famous people watch a certain TI constantly as well as take part in forming thier lives. I mean its possible that some such system might exist for bored rich people with weird fetishes and fantasies about controlling people and it would be like an inverted Farmville where real people presented virtually to a human 'pet' care for and help form that person.

Its possible totally. With the tech that exists and the weird motives of such a population. Remember the Pink Floyd song from The Wall album where one of the lyrics refers to "keep people as pets". There was always rumors about bands really liking places like South America where it wasnt a big deal if groupies 'disappeared' at all. LIke I said its totally possible.

However, the idea that such people would have that much time on thier hands is totally NOT possible unless they have given up thier lives to thier obsessions.

Its also marketed to the TI that such people are in psychic contact with them, and of course this is only between the hours of 6 am and 12 midnight.

It would be interesting to see if the bastards have tried to use doubles as was one of thier favorite methods during Bush, to make me appear a stalker. For some reason I am protected from many of the same fates as other activists and for that I am thankful.

So that is the torture I go through mostly everyday and when its not that content its re running memories over and over of various moments of gang stalking or betrayal also I believe from experience this is tech related as this does NOT occur during off time which is from 12 midnight to 6 am approx across the USA.

Which means that many soldiers and other suiciding from PTSD could be being induced to do so by a system of tech fused with psycholgical warfare.

-victim witnesses to war crimes
-frees up money from supporting vets medically and other needs during lifetime

...and yes the people behind this system are that ruthless..believe it.

Always focus on the logical as well as the fact that deception is THE number one strength of this system.